Source B:
Analog --- Sony TCS-580V w/ built-in mic
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Notes: This recording source gives sort of an interesting insight into what it is Tool was trying to convey, live, during this era of touring. Sort of. Although this is an alternate source, the recording sounds like it was recorded underneath someone's seat or recorded from inside someone's pocket. In comparison with other Tool shows recorded with this same recording unit, ex: Duncan's 98 mini tour shows, this source is very poor. Compared with the DAT source of this show, there is hardly a comparison. As such, this is best left for collectors only, I don't see why most people would be able or have the desire to make it through this recording all the way through, even once. I did but then again my name in Norwegian means "crazy". Thanks to Per CLS for pointing that out to me. As it is, there is lots of crowd noise, clapping, yelling, talking, a few random digital skips & other associated issues with this source. That said, if this source appeals to you then go for it. If nothing else though, something is better than nothing.


Time: 49:20


Part Of Me

Taper/Crowd on the Sony TCS-580V source: ‘Pretty rowdy. Dude that guy stock in blue, that guy is weird dude. He’s like to weird for me. Music is cool.’


‘Your attention.’


‘We are going to try something different tonight. Do you wanna join me? Try to find that space somewhere in there. It’s a comfortable space and yet at the same time it’s a vulnerable space; comfortable yet vulnerable space. We are gonna look at something from a different angle tonight, to see it in a hole new light.’


‘Stick around for Ozzy.’


‘Thank you very much.’