Source A:
Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Source A: Possibly: Sony CCD-TRV940 Hi8 Video w/ external Sound Professionals mics
Source A:
3G VHS > Goldwave > WAV > NERO > CD ((transferred to CD by Galen))
Source A: Master  > DVD
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Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Let's see. Not only is this recording brick-walled, has very loud crowd noise & is very distant. this is also an incomplete capture of Tool for whatever reasons. Am thinking that security-ducks were an issue here. The video itself is more back-of-the-head shots than anything else. Close-ups are scarce & very, very shaky. The sound is wavy, very loud on the high end & there is a lack of bass that is noticeable. All in all, this is one definitely for the hard-core collectors. However, to my ears,  the sound is a little bit better, overall, than the complete "unknown" version. Perhaps the sever 'collectors only' should not really apply here. The only major issue is that the video moves so rapidly around from here to there. That is probably due to the taper being wary of security.
Notes: The taper has transferred his master > DVD.

"Let's light a few emotional candles here. I'm going to say 1-2-3 & I want you to yell yes as loud as you can."


Time: 36:41

Sweat <missing>
Stinkfist <missing>
Prison Sex
Third Eye