Source B:
Unknown Audio Recording
Source B:
This is OFTEN labeled incorrectly as: Core Sound Binaurals > Sony WM-D3 ((unverified))
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Notes: As of May 2004, there is a pretty big update regarding this source. This almost common & 'unverified source' is now considered a new source. I am certain that this is not a high gen rip of CSB>D3 source or the known + incomplete VHS/DVD source for numerous reasons. One, the sound is much more tinny than the known + incomplete VHS + this source is complete. Two, the verified CSB>D3 source has screaming via the crowd at different times than this does and at totally different times. And three, the overall sound waves/spectrums are very different than the two verified sources.
Notes: This is the full source of this show. Until recently, only the incomplete version which I ripped from VHS
was around in the trading pool. To be honest, it sounds like this recording is sourced either from a cassette source
(most likely but not proven) or from a VHS - but the only known video source is incomplete. Which would mean that there would have to be either another source of either filming or a new source for an audio recording. Time will tell. For now, this will have to be a subject to investigate - time will hopefully let us know. There is a tape hiss on this recording that is not as prevalent as on the VHS source. Although a good performance by the band, this show is for
collector's only. I don't think anyone else would really want to check it out. This is in a lot of people's collections & the CSB>D3 info is with it.

Rev. Maynard:
"Can you feel it? Yeah."
Rev. Maynard: "Jesus Christ, this suit is hot. But I'm not gonna take it off cuz I look good in it & I'm a slave to fashion. Bear with us. Before this show is over, you will all be naked, in God's eyes."


Time: 56:38

Prison Sex
Third Eye

(Dr. Timothy Leary Sample)