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Analog --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony WM-D3
Source C: Master Cassette > CD (2004)
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Notes: This is, without a doubt, the actual CSB>D3 source for this show. Hands-down and without even a moments hesitation, this is the best source for this particular performance. It is doubtful that before 2004 the taper had traded it out much as anything other than a guess would be pure speculation. There are numerous instances of the crowd members chatting & talking with one another but I hear the taper saying little, if anything. Hard to control variables such as people talking but it is not really all that bad, what would one expect from an Ozzfest crowd anyway (or a Tool crowd)? the bass hits nicely, the guitar is clean, the drums thump & the vocals are crisp as can be. There are a couple instances of tape-flutter & microphone phasing. Not sure how far the taper was from the stage at this show but it sounds to me to be definitely within pavilion rather than lawn seating due to the clarity of the sound. This is definitely a source + show for any fan's listening pleasure. Not superb but definitely a good recording of a very interesting show.
Notes: See here for specific information pertaining to mix-up & confusion of source info.

Rev. Maynard:
"Can you feel it? Yeah."
Rev. Maynard: "Jesus Christ, this suit is hot. But I'm not gonna take it off cuz I look good in it & I'm a slave to fashion. Bear with us. Before this show is over, you will all be naked, in God's eyes."


Time: 55:46

Prison Sex
Third Eye

(Dr. Timothy Leary Sample)