Mini Disc --- Audio Technica ATR355 > Sony MZ-R37
Gen:     1st from Master
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Notes: This is a recording that has only fairly recently surfaced (as of 2003). Apparently, the guy I got this from, the taper's friend, put it up on the Tool Hub in WAV form & only 2.5 people bothered to DL it so it is, at this point, rather rare. The sound is hampered by a rather poor placement of mics, it seems, as there seem to be more lows than that of higher frequencies which seem to me that the placement could've been a little more precise & also the distance seems to be a fair ways away. Talking among the crowd & the taper + friend is evident but interesting in a way - definitely not as bad as on other recordings where people talk. There is static sometimes & the audio clarity is best summed up as: below average quality for the time period. But, in comparison with other Ozzfest dates, pretty damn close to how other recordings sound. There is not really a brickwall but the bass sort of goes 'fft' instead of 'thump' - if that makes sense to you. There are also a few inconsistent track-transitions. This may be best left for Tool collector's as I am not sure how many bulk traders would really listen to it... come to think of it, I doubt many Tool collector's who vie for attention would either - there seem to be many people who collect simply to collect & not listen to the stuff & grade arbitrarily, which is fine, but still I get annoyed by it. It's a shame, this is one very interesting performance. I find the setlist interesting as well, a semi-shorter show, the setlist varies even from other Ozzfest 'lists. Very few other recorded shows that I have heard, does MJK talk as much nor the band seems to be in a good vibe & have some serious fun while at work. Buzz from the Melvin's makes his appearance on Stinkfist & Stranglehold (always interesting), btw, they do the Nugent cover slightly different, a little more like Ted recorded it.
Notes: There are two different versions of the same source, one is EQ'd & the other is non-EQ'd. I am not trading either as it is not my place to. Rare trades or if you really want it to complete your collection, we can talk, as I was asked to (I quote) "not spread this like wildfire". Anyone who has dealt with me knows that certainly is not the case. But, this is slowly disseminating into the trade-scene & has been showing up on lists (the EQ'D version).

Rev. Maynard: "Are you all here to worship at the temple of God-zilla? The church of Jesus-Fucking-Christ! What we need you to do is positive energy. So, I need you to do that, I need you all to start fucking. Hold a pole, find a hole, fill it, jerk-it, a hungry hole with a hairy pole - crave for it!"
Rev. Maynard: "Do we have anyone who needs to be healed tonight? Can you feel it? I think we need to be doing some healing tonight, a little healing. Do we have anyone that needs to be healed tonight? Not just anyone, we pretend to be picking people but actually this is already set-up a head of time & we're going to bring him out now. You - need to be healed, you, Mr. Hippy. You, come out here & you, Mr. Man. What's your name son? <Ken> What's wrong with you? <I got a goiter> A goiter, is it a heavenly goiter or a sinful goiter? Do you believe in the power of Jesus-Fucking-Christ? Well then be healed! Praise Jesus-Fucking-Christ."
Rev. Maynard: "What's your name son? <Goober> What's your affliction Goober? <Well, Reverend Maynard, I got, I got diarrhea> Diarrhea... and is it Satan's own diarrhea or is it fundamentalist infectionalist diarrhea? <Uh-huh> Then, we need to eal yah. Do you believe in Jesus-Fucking-Christ? <I believe, I believe> Satan, come in - fundamentalism out! Praise Jesus-Fucking-Christ!"
Rev. Maynard: "Son, what the fuck is wrong with you? <I got a paper cut man> A paper cut, is it infected with fundamentalist propaganda? <Yes, I got stuff and puss coming out...> Do you believe in Jesus-Fucking-Christ? <Jesus-Fucking-Christ> Be healed! Be healed! Rev. Buzz Light-year from the Melvin's, killer Kurt Wilson & a bunch of other fools!"


Time: 56:11

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