Source A:
Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Source A: Master > DVD
Source A:
4th Gen VHS > Goldwave > WAV > NERO > CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen in 1999))
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Image from DVD: Here
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Has a Mexican guy shouting as an introduction 'Heeeeeereeezzz Toooool!!!'... One of the coolest performances I've ever seen as MJK is in his Rev. Garb. Recording for audio is pretty good, actually. Slight tape hiss coats the recording, which may be of irritation to some. Video is very clear. One of the classic live shows to have. Video is probably a better thing to get than just audio as it is a bit faint. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in a Tool VHS is when a girl gets in front of the taper & he just kicks her out of the way with his foot. Laughed out loud for so long... Many sources I've come across of this show have been sourced from MP3 & incomplete. This version is the full show. Recently, the taper put his master to DVD, thus, upgraded versions rather than random VHS copies are now available. The only differences are clarity in the audio (minimal) & that is about it. I have no plans to remaster the DVD > CD as there are already enough different sources, rips & stuff like that of this particular show + source. To remaster anything from the same source would only confuse things. I would really recommend this to collector's who are interested in just hearing a classic gig. Not the best audio or video but it is one of the most entertaining, in my opinion. Also captured on tape is the lounge version of HWAP & people leaving the venue post-show. Interesting stuff. For those that have strong Christian beliefs & cannot take a joke, I strongly recommend this show.




CD 1
77:16 (to "Pushit")
CD 2
17:41 (from "Ænema")





'No thanks, I have a drink. Halleluiah! I hear this is a gambling town and gambling is a sin so we're gonna correct all that tonight. How many of you are here to do the good lord's work? Well, you've come to the wrong place.'


'Tonight, we're going to explore the energy of friction, the most positive energy you can generate in the whole universe, the kind of friction that's the best kind of friction. We're talking about fucking. This is the church of JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Not Jesus, not Christ, but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Can I get an amen? Can I get a halleluiah? Can I get a JESUS FUCKING CHRIST? Amen.'


'We have a special guest joining us today, the Reverand Buzz Melvin. The lord almighty says 'I will punish you AEnima, I will strip you naked, and let the nations see you, see you in all your shame.' What God is trying to say here is that ya'll are wearing too many clothes. In order to become one with Jesus Fucking Christ you got to get naked. You got to fill a hole and grab a pole, fill a holy hole and grab a holy pole. Start fucking!'

You Lied
(Peach cover)

'The Reverand Buzz Melvin.'

Forty Six & 2
<Dr. Timothy Leary 'Think for Yourself Speech>

'We've been doing something a little different on this tour. We've been taking one of our songs and looking at it from a different angle, under a different light, see if we can see it like we've never seen it before, as if for the first time. But to do that, we're going to need your help. You wanna help? Ok. Here's where you can go. This is a, a re-definition of strength, you see, strength isn't necessarily brute power, or being cold, or controlling your emotions. This is a new form of strength, we're going to go to that vulnerable spot, something that's chaotic and you're not familiar with, it's the spot where I'm going to go to, cause it's stronger, it's stronger to cry than it is to hit. So I want you to find that spot, find a comfortable but vulnerable spot and we'll meet you on the other side.'

(Salival version)

'Thank you for your patience. This is a song about water sports. It's a song about bad real estate choices. It's about a lot of freaks and hippies moving to Vegas. But it's about a whole lot more. It's more about remembering your connection with each other. It's more about getting back to what matters. It's more about diving back into that pool of the collective unconscious and learning how to swim again.'


'Thank you, good night. Ok, we'll do one more. Fine. Alright then. What do you want, what's that? Yeah, that's one. That's another one. That's a good, that's one, that's one. Yep, those are all songs that we do, but not the one we're going to do, sorry.'