Sony CCD-TRV940 Hi8 Video w/ external Sound Professionals mics
Source: 3rd Gen VHS --> Goldwave --> .WAV --> NERO --> CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen))
Source: Master > DVD
Taper:   Rawson
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Notes: The audio and visual quality is pretty good. Video is in focus quite a bit & has some cool close-ups. Sound fluctuates a little bit as well...sound 'warbles' for a little bit but levels off. There is also a layer of tape hiss. Overall, I would recommend this gig as it was, simply, a great performance by the band. On the other hand, this would probably be best left for collectors as the audio can sort of jump every now & then. There is no doubt that the filmer became very good between 1998 - 2001/02 as there are some very good video captures from this taper available. This recording has also been released from the Master>DVD as well & is widely available. There are also numerous VHS/DVD > CD + VHS>DVD rips out there in trade-land, so be knowledgeable about where the source comes from.

Maynardism: "This is, uh, a love song. It goes out to... you"


Time: 54:03

Part Of Me
<cut in>
46 & 2
Crawl Away

(w/Dr. Timothy Leary)
(w/extended ending = tabla + jam)

Between Sets 'Ozzfest' TV