Video --- Sony CCD-TRV940 Hi8 Video w/ external Sound Professionals mics
3rd Gen VHS --> Goldwave --> .WAV --> NERO --> CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen))
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Source: Rawson
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Notes: The sound is actually decent; albeit takes a little to get used to. There is a slight static layer covering the sound but other than that is not a bad audience recording. The video has, basically, heads everywhere & seems to be more out of focus than in. There is a lot if crowd talking as well. It may be safe to say that (for both audio & video) this is for collector's. Well, to be honest, this is actually probably better than collectors only. However, and to be fair, this recording is at least entertaining to watch & enjoy for what it is. This is not a spectacular capture but it is a capture & there is something enjoyable about listening to this or watching this capture in that light. The taper of this recording managed to become one of the better filmers of Tool out there as well. From humble beginnings. Overall, this is the sort of recording that the collector's may appreciate, relax & enjoy...

Maynardism: "(Turn you will) in your Bibles, because I know you all brought them, to Abraham, Ch. 3, verse 5. The Lord Almighty says I will punish you enema, I will strip you naked and let the nations see you, see you in all your shame. What God is saying, basically is, you all are wearing to many clothes, you all need to take them off. Take off the clothes"


Time: 52:42

Hooker With A Penis

(fade-in; half missing)
Prison Sex
Pushit (alt)