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Notes: One of the most interesting thing about this show is the fact that during right at the end of "Part of Me",  you can hear the studio version of Stinkfist playing in the background - then it stops. This is the only recording where I, for one, have heard that occurring before. Perhaps the sound guy was lighting his joint & was having fun... perhaps this is evidence that Tool lip synchs at their performances.  I think Stinkfist was playing the entire time during the first song, taking a guess though. As for the audio quality, it is a decent enough sounding recording with a bit of crowd noise thrown in to make it a little more interesting. The taper certainly was not front of stack, that is for certain. There are a couple of annoying comments but other than that there are little, if any, valid complaints. All in all, an Ozzfest performance that featured the band at a very tight & interesting point of their career. A good capture of this performance as well.
There are slight track-transitions between tracks but this is no MP3 -- mastered this way.

"I noticed you people aren't naked yet. The more naked people the better, it gets lonely in those hotel rooms. C'mon, you don't have much more time. A few more songs, then we'll leave. Then... Ozz"


Time: 55:59

Part Of Me
Crawl Away
Pushit (alt)