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Notes: In my opinion, this is one of the best Ozzfest recordings out there if one is a fan of non-front of stack. Sounds like this was taped somewhere in the lawn but near some form of speakers. It is all a matter of listening preference really. I enjoy recordings like this but find the front of stack sound much more vibrant. To each his or her own. Tool is simply in top form this evening, great performance & the setlist is very enjoyable to experience. But not in the background, definitely as a main source of pure, unadulterated good music. Interesting setlist in the fact that there are not many static-setlists from this time period. The placement of each representative piece of music in the order that they were performed in may give the listener a feeling that, here, this is Tool. In sum, I suppose, this performance as well as this recording... this, this is Tool.

Maynardism: "And a happy Sunday to you! Y'all are a sleep"


Time: 57:56

‘And a happy Sunday to you. You are all a sleep.’

Cold & Ugly

‘Can you feel it? What the fuck is it? Jesus Christ this suit is hot.’

Forty-Six & 2

‘Turn with me if you will and your bibles, I know you have brought them. It’s Sunday, pull out your bibles. The lion killed his pray and tore it to pieces, for his mate and her cubs. He filled his den with torn flesh. What God is trying to say here is; people are wearing to many clothes, you need to take off the clothes, and be at one with God and nature… that means now! This is Buzz from the Melvins, he’s gonna play a few songs with us.‘

You Lied

‘Buzz, Buzz from the dead ones. I’m seeing a lot of ? and clothes and things like that, it’s bad. It’s a rock festival not a church; take your fucking clothes off.’


‘Ozzy is coming out soon, he can’t come out yet because the sun is still up, if you know what I mean? Let us do something for him, I’m gonna count to three and I want you all to say yes as loud as you can OK? One, two , three. OK now in French; which is oui.. One, two, three. And now in Spanish; One, two , three. This’s about making your own fucking decisions.’