Unknown Analog Recording
Source: Discovered by & Transferred by Vincent A.
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Notes: For a very long time, this was a relatively rare show. I would like to take a moment to give notice & gratitude to Mr. Vincent Avery who found this show from a very, very random source from a cassette & put it to CD in 2002. It is important to recognize various collector's at times for finding such interesting sources. For sound, this is definitely left for collector's as the following are common attributes of this source: static, various crowd noise, tape hiss/fuzz, distant sounding instruments & a general 'wavy sound' (being from an outdoor venue). Also, some singing by the taper on most of the songs, which is great because I would rather hear some guy singing over the music than the music itself, wouldn't you? Really. The performance, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant. However, what a setlist. Wow. Too bad the quality isn't a little bit better but something is better than nothing as far as capturing the moment of a concert. For the quotes alone, this show is worth a spot on at least some rotation in your collection. Oh, yet another reason why this show is worth a listen is the Sober w/Dr. Timothy Leary quote... I cannot recall another show where this occurs. This show features my personal & favorite Maynard as reverend 'acts' ever. Hopefully, the following quotes will serve as evidence as to what I am contemplating...


Time: 61:44


'Can you feel it? Can I get a Hallelujah? Can I get an Amen? Can I get a Jesus Fucking Christ? Turn with me if you will, with your Bible's, I know you all have them. The lord almighty says 'I will punish you AEnima, I will strip you naked, and let the nations see you, see you in all your shame.' What God is trying to say here is that you're wearing too many clothes. You need to take off your clothes and start fucking. Creative energy. Grab a pole, fill a hole, the holy hole with a holy pole. Tug and plug. Praise God!'

Swamp Song

Maynard's "Healing Session"
M - 'Hup. I think it's time for some healing. We need to do a little bit of healing. Does anyone need healing? Oh look, there just happen to be two people over here that need healing. Welcome to the church of Jesus Fucking Christ my son, what's your, what's your name?'
B - 'Bufford, Bufford Pusser.'
M - 'Bufford Pusser. What is your affliction today Bufford?'
B - 'Well, I think I got, I think I got the crabs.'
M - 'Would that be the fundamentalist propaganda crabs?'
B - 'Uh huh'
M - 'Do you need to be healed?'
B - 'I need you to take, to take it away from me.'
M - 'Do you believe in the church of Jesus Fucking Christ?'
B - 'I do, I do'
M - 'Be healed my son. [pause] You look like a decadent fuck, come here. We don't have all day son, we need to heal and get back to the rock. What's your name son?'
J - 'Umm, Jason Voorhees.'
M - 'What?'
J - 'Jason Voorhees.'
M - 'And what's your affliction my son?'
J - 'I got a sore.'
M - 'You have a sore? Is it an oozing, pussing, fundamentalist propaganda sore?'
J - 'It's a glistening ever-widening sore.'
M - 'A glistening ever-widening sore? Do you believe in the power of Jesus Fucking Christ?'
J - '?'
M - 'You're healed. Now get the fuck out of here. This is what happens when you fuck with God. The Reverand Buzz 'Lightyear' Melvin joining us on guitar.'


'Buzz Melvin. Make sure you sniff those really good. You people aren't falling asleep on us are you? Wake up. You awake? Can I get an Amen? Can I get a Hallelujah? I'm not convinced.'

(Dr. Timothy Leary 'Think for Yourself Speech')


'We're going to try something different tonight. We're kind of doing this on this tour. It's kind of like when you have something and you look at it from a different angle and you see a whole different object, you see it almost like you're looking at it for the first time and that's how we're going to do with this song, get a different perspective on it. This goes out to ?'


'Something kind of odd happened to me yesterday, happened to all of us actually. We were at our hotel. When we went to go in to the bar they said that we had to tuck our shirts in. And then we went to another bar and we couldn't get in because we didn't have a collar on the shirt that we were wearing. Some kind of funny piece of extra fabric somewhere made a difference somehow. And I remembered that this is a very, very fundamentalist, religious part of the country. And although I wouldn't consider myself an actual practicing Christian, I would think that the ideals set forth by the original people are pretty true - Follow your heart, trust your intuition, and feel, then know that that force out there that is based on love which is unconditional. Unconditional. Unconditional. Without judgement. And that we're all connected, we're all from the same source. So, No, I won't tuck my shirt in.'


'Turn off your televisions, read a book, jack off into a high powered fan, love each other.