Unspecified Video Recording Equipment - Right Angle
Source: Unspecified Video Recording Equipment - Center Angle
Source: Unspecified Video Recording Equipment - Left Angle
Source: 1st Gen VHS > DVD ((doubtful of 1G))
Source / CD: 4 Gen VHS > CD (transfer by Galen in 1999)
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Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Decent sound, interesting performance. Multi-angle mix of this performance is the known version of this. Which means that there are three other non-mixed video sources out there, left + center + right. Only the matrix has been known to float around. Same people did the following night's performance. Interesting. Odd that there is not more known. MJK is dressed up as the woman. Spooky stuff, sort of takes Jung's concept of the shadow/yin & yang to another place. I am sure that with lower gen copies of this performance out there that the recording/capture of the performance was rather tight. This also captures the BEST ever-charming lounge version of Hooker. Still makes me chuckle. This is the best source for this show I have ever seen & although it is slightly grainy with a bit of analogue-noise at the bottom of the screen, not a huge deal. All copies are like that. All in all, definitely worth sitting back & taking it all in.




CD 1
44:40 (To 46 & 2)

CD 2
46:48 (From Merkaba)



Hooker With A Penis

‘It has been a while since we have been here, I think. Did you miss us? Sorry about all the space from here to there but we have heard that Sacramento is suffering from the disease know as homophobia, so we thought maybe we would give you your save space, you wouldn't really be uptight and just enjoy the music enough, worrying to much. This song like all of the other songs is about anal sex.’


‘We have a guest. It’s my hairdresser Mister Buzz Melvin, he’s expensive but he’s worth it. This is a song about deep passionate love and in such.’

You Lied
Forty-Six & 2

‘We are gonna look at something here in a different way, from a different angle, under a different lay and if you look at it in that different way from a different angle, maybe we’ll see it as if it’s the first time.'


‘Thank you, for your patience.’


‘Don’t put your tongue on that, you don’t know where it has been. OK, we’ll do another song. We don’t normally do this song because people interpreted at ? so. See there’s a difference between hate and anger. Anger is constructive emotion; hatred is not, it’s destructive. And rather then acting out on a violence instead we scream our heads off and play loud music, that way nobody gets hurt. So keep that in mind when we play this song, that’s not a violent fucking somebody up it’s about being very angry at the point where you have to scream about it rather than do something about it.


'Good night'