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Notes: Very, very nice recording. One of the last gigs of the 1998 tour & Tool went out with the amount of energy that gives credence to the belief that there is simply nothing like a Tool show. This recording features low crowd noise. The taper must have been standing in a decent enough location or at least semi-close to the speakers as this recording is very clear. Not crystal clear but well above average. Strong performance by all members &, really, there is not much more to say. The setlist was incredible & features a stellar performance of Led Zeppelin's No Quarter. Good Recording + Good Performance = Good Listen. As a note, there is a bit of level-changing by the taper that is actually a commonality in this recording.





CD 2

Setlist / Quote:

'Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, where's mine? Where's mine? Where's mine? You just go to a fridge, get a beer and forget to get me one? What's up? I thought we were friends? I want a beer. A beer. No tip this time bitch. This is a song that we don't do that often, but we're doing it special for you because you are our favorite audience ever. And uh...yeah.'

No Quarter

'You've been absolutely fabulous. We're thankful that you came and we welcome you to our world. This song is inspired by an out of body experience that our drummer had once. The Reverend Daniel Carey. Are you familiar with a high colonic? Well, Mr. Carey, you don't know what a high colonic is? That's where they shoot water up your ass to kinda cleanse out your aura and such. It's kinda like a enema. So Danny is laying there on the table receiving this high colonic and he just kind of blacks out and his soul kind of rises out of his body and flys across the sky and he sees the Rockies and the Atlantic Ocean and he comes up above the Great Pyramid at the Giza Plateau and he spirals down into the pyramid and he receives all these apocalyptic visions from this priest who is 17 feet high. And right when the priest was about to tell him when it was going to happen Danny remembered that he was having water shot up his ass and he had to get back to the high colonic so he came back so we don't know when it's actually going to happen. But hopefully soon.'


'Thank you very much for coming.

We'd like to thank you all for coming tonight. On your way out there's going to be some representatives wearing a, like half-red and half-blue outfit. They're taking donations to help keep Spahn ranch alive to help the Manson family eat. So if you can just drop your little coins in that bucket that would be great. They're sorry they haven't been an active murdering force lately but they'll get back and, you know, back on track once the drugs take effect.

Also, uh, Robert Russel Barnes of 2625 Riveria Circle, Eldorado Hills, California - you no longer own a wallet. Christopher Steele, you're fucked as well. And Eric Christopher Denton, you've just got out of jail.

I don't know why you're still here. Did you want something? You'll have to be a little more enthusiastic than that. Oh and if you can please, we've been on tour now for about 2 months, and my back is really getting sore, I'm really tired of carrying around all those t-shirts and hats and key chains so if you can buy 'em all it'd really be a great benefit to me. Ok, here's another song. This one goes out to that French Canadian bastard Pete Reedling and my uh new wife, Kristen.'


'Thank you, good night.'

CD 1

Setlist / Quote:
Part Of Me

'Can you feel it? Are you in the mood for a little bit of healing tonight? We're going to be some, doing some deep, deep, deep emotional work tonight. Some deep healing. We're going to start with all these Grateful Dead fans over here.'


'I guess we'll get more specific about our particular form of healing tonight. We're going to be performing a sexual healing. We're going to be generating the most positive energy in the whole universe you can generate. The energy of friction. That sexual energy of God's own heavenly liquid. Can you feel it? Let me get an Amen. Let me get a Hallelujah. Let me get a Jesus Fucking Christ.'


'We're going to call on some assistance from on high. We'll need the help of one Reverend Buzz Melvin. Where are you Reverend? Reverend come and, Ladies and gentlemen, the only survivors of the original Manson family right here, Spahn Ranch survivors. Featuring the Reverend Buzz Melvin. The lord almighty says 'I will punish you *Nimminah*, I will strip you naked, and let the nations see you, see you in all your shame. What God is trying to say here is ya'll are wearing too many clothes. You need to strip off the clothes and be at one with your God. In the beginning was the word and the word was *seed* and it was plentiful and it was bountiful and it was fruitful and it was potent. Strip off the clothes, grab a pole, fill a hole, the holy hole with a holy pole. Start fucking!'

Third Eye