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DAT -- Core Sound Cardioids > Sony SBM-M1 > Sony TCD-D8
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Notes: First off, this recording features a tight performance, good recording & a sweet setlist. Super clear quality, for those that enjoy the sound of Cardioids. Nor entirely sure where the taper was standing.  Last show of the 1998 tour. Guests galore. It seems to me that Tool decided to take '98 out in style as this is one great performance. MJK donned his Rev. persona for the last time. At this point, Tool seemed to be at the top of the game & seemed to not be able to sound any better - live. But, as the 1999 + 2001 + 2002 tours would show, they simply have so much more to evolve into. This show is simply evidence of that. That should be about it from me...
Notes: On Eulogy at 5:34 there is a brief amount of distortion, common in all known copies.




CD 1

‘Can ya feel it!? There are some miracles in the air tonight. Are you ready for some healing?’

Cold & Ugly

‘Allow me to introduce the cast of characters in this our final revival show. Reverend Daniel ‘The Lion Fucker’ Carey. The Reverend Maynard James Keenan, ‘Slayer of Able’. Reverend Adam ‘The Initial Sinner’ Jones. And Justin Chancellor, unfortunately a mute, a Canadian and a financial advisor.’


‘We’re going to bring to the stage one Reverend Buzz Melvin! Not only is he a miracle worker and a healer, but a fabulous hairdresser and pedicurist. This is a song about friction. This is a song about deep and passionate love. This is a song that you wanna wash your hands after you get done hearing it.’


‘So, we normally don’t do this next song but because this is the last day we’re going to give you a little special treat. Most of you will not recognise it because we have slaughtered it so badly. It’s not our own song. It’s a song by the ‘Motor City Madman’.


'The Reverend Buzz Melvin!'

Third Eye

‘Now normally we don’t do this but sometimes we go ahead and involve ourselves in extra curricular, non profit organisation type activities and we thought that we would get all of them out of the way at once. What we have here is Corey, Corey Munster from the Make a Wish Foundation, apparently he has testicular cancer. He’s out here to watch the show on the stage tonight. Over hear we have ? Feldman?. He’s the winner of the national solitaire contest. He’s going to be doing that while we play. And where’s the kid with the uh, the uh stigmatism? Where’s he at? The kid with the hair problem? He’s not here? Maybe he died? Did he die? Ha-ha. It went out late. Sorry.’


‘Oh my god, its super roadie. The ah, hit T.V series Superman is not doing very well so the star of that show is now our guitar tech. Ladies and gentlemen, Superman. Let’s give him a round of applause. Oh by the way Superman. Superman. You’re fired. Sorry our hands our tied.’

 46 & 2

‘You people have been absolutely wonderful. We can’t wait to come back. How many of you bright shining examples of common sense are enrolled in this university right now? 16 of you go to this school, that’s it? 25 of you go to this school. All the rest of you are all out of school or just completely uneducated? You can’t tell me that, c’mon? It’s not really about going to a college or a university it’s more about having an original thought, so. If it takes going to college for you to do that, that’s good but the goal should be each and every one of you have an original thought. What do ya think? Do you agree? It helps us all evolve. Take Kevin for example. He has an original thought every 2 minutes. Super genius. This song is about uh, one of Kevin’s original thoughts. Kevin is actually the inventor of, the hi-colonic and this song is all about rectal water sports inspired by him.’

CD 2


‘Thank you very much! Good night.
California drivers licence. Nathan Allan ?Fouts? You no longer have a wallet. Chad Bishoff of Washington High School, you are fucked as well. This is the uh, last show of this particular tour. So we would like to thank Golden Voice for putting on some amazing shows for us. They’re the promoters of these shows. We would like to thank as well, The Melvins for opening up for us on this entire tour. Wonderful band, wonderful to have you guys, thank you very much. And for our final number we’re going to blow up our drummer. Actually we’re going to bring out some extra special musicians. We have Dale from the Melvins is gonna play some drums with us on this song. And on that same song because we’re in a hurry to get home, is Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander, formerly of Primus. He has a new band now called Laundry that he drums and sings in and it’s really wonderful, look for it. Okay, you can all go home now. What? Did we forget Something?’

‘So this is our last song and because we’re not a juke box we’re gonna play the song that’s on the list rather than one your yelling at us. And then we’re gonna go home, we’re gonna watch pornography, and we’re gonna jerk off into a high powered fan until we all pass out. Or until something good comes on pay-per-view.’


‘Thank you. Good night.’