Ozzfest + Warped Tour

Unknown Audio Recording Equipment
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Notes: For being an unknown recording &  from the Ozzfest period (many recordings just are not very good), this one stands a few feet above the rest as far as audio quality. To my ears, this sounds like it could have been taped in 1993 or 1994. Taking a guess, maybe Sony ECM microphones of some kind + Sony WM-D3? Perhaps. There is a fair amount of crowd chatter & some tape hiss but such is the nature of the beast. Considering that there are tons of mini disc recordings that are simply not up to the same caliber of a recording as this is, this recording is worth a listen & a place in your collection I assume. During this time period, the band really was mixing up the setlist quite a bit & this show, although not radically different, is enough to warrant some attention. One of my favorite additions or extensions is with Jerk-Off. This really should be heard rather than have me blather on about it. All in all, tasty.

Rev. Maynard: "Goodness-gracious, good God-In-Hell! Waaakkkeee uh-aahhhp!"
Rev. Maynard: "Knock-knock. <who's there?> Fuck! <Fuck who (you)!>"
Rev. Maynard: "You people seem a little nervous...what's wrong? Are you unhappy?"
Rev. Maynard: "Stick around for Ozzy."


Time: 52:04

46 & 2
(-) Ions

<w/tabla & extended jam>