July 22, 1998
cu.org DAT-1 clone

Source A:
Unknown Video Recording
Position: Back Tier
Transfer: (reported 1st Gen VHS > DVD) (transfer by Distortion)
Taper: ?
Imagee: Click Here

Notes: This is a good quality video recording, however, the audio is a bit brickwalled. This is pervasive throughout the recording thus rendering the overall probability of sitting through the entirety of this source rather low. I made it through, finally, after about ~10 years since the first time I saw this by playing the CSB>D8 audio instead of the video audio. That said, there are really some interesting camera work by the filmer. He had some balls as it is virtually a duck-free, concise & focused recording that not only attains some pleasant close-ups but also steady full-band captures. Particularly for the year & unknown information concerning the equipment; this source would be legend - if the audio wasn't semi-blown.



Can you feel it?


Toledo-edo. If everyone would stand still & stop breathing, it would get cooler. Do me that one favor.

46 & 2

We have a guest coming out with us now to come & play on a couple songs, the Rev. Buzz Light Year Melvin, televangelist, extraordinaire. Allow me to introduce the rest of the Church... Daniel, the Lion-Fucker Carey. Re. Maynard, The slayer of Able Keenan. Justin Chancellor, unfortunately a Jew. And the Rev. original sinner along with eve, the Rev. Adam Jones.

You Lied

We're going to try something different. We're going to look at one of our songs from a different angle. Now sometimes you look at something from a different angle & you see a whole different thing, a whole different taste, a whole different person, by shifting your perspective you can see it in a different way or its like you see it like it's the first time you've seen it - we're going to try that tonight.

Third Eye

You people have made us feel very welcome, thank you very much. Remember, turn off your televisions: READ.