Unknown Video Recording Equipment

DVD:     1 G VHS > DVD (unknown transfer)
DVD:     ? Gen VHS > DVD (transfer by Ricky R. in 2004) / "common DVD floating around"
       ? VHS > GoldWave > WAV > NERO > CD (transfer by Galen in 2002)
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Image from ? Gen DVD: Here
Image from 1 Gen DVD: Here

Notes - 2006: This is the exact same source as the other VHS>DVD copies floating around. The same sound, moving-head-shot-mixed-with-VHS-tracking-issues. However, the 1G is a slightly better upgrade to that of the other version floating around in collections. Other than that, not much too add. So, I will not.
Notes - 2003: Shot from the center-lawn, this recording is semi-obstructed by heads & people for the first few minutes then gets remarkably better. Fact is, this may be the best VHS recording from the Ozzfest tour - which isn't really saying too much as most are almost complete garbage. The taper of this show actually knows what he is doing - some nice close-ups of the entire band & a relatively steady hand. There are a bit of quick camera-angle shifts & changes as the taper tries his best to evade the eyes of security. Camera-ducks. The stage setup has Danny on the left, Maynard in the middle, then Justin & then Adam. Maynard is painted blue & looks very sweaty, which is a bit odd. The sound on the recording is quite good, all things considered. Barely any tape hiss & the bass + treble go very well together. All in all, a very interesting & nice show. This is a relatively rare recording. All things considered. I'm sure there are other copies floating abound somewhere but the first time I came across this show was via a trader named Paul who got it from an old-time Tool collector

Maynardism: "This song goes out to my cousin Kelly, who's here tonight. Everyone say 'hi' Kelly." <H.>
Maynardism: "This, uh, this tour is coming to a close. This is the...only....three shows left so we have a special dedication to Sharon, Ozzy & the band. And the Ozzfest crew. We don't do this song very much so it's always nice to pull it out for special occasions. And it goes out to you as well." <No Quarter>


Time: 45:52

Part Of Me

<cut about 2.5mins in, cut about 1 min remain>
<cut of about 10 seconds 3/4 way through - taper moves to better location>
No Quarter