Source A:
DAT -- Core Sound Binaurals/120 > Sony PCM-M1/44.1 kHz
DAT: Master DAT > Digital Clone-1
CD: Master > CD
Taper: CatalystX
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Notes - Recording:
The audio is simply sharp, crisp and is the best (minus a few trivial flaws) recordings of Coachella and/or other shows, years & sources. This was filmed, front of the sound board. For the equipment used, somehow, CatalystX turned this recording into one of the sweetest recordings with one of the sweetest setlists ever. Not really going to go on, no need to give the taper a huge head is there? However, some people have mentioned this is one of the finest recordings of Tool available. I would like to briefly mention that there are many CDs of this show, of this source, that are still casualties of the Napster revolution and are thus MP3 sourced and/or with track transitions. This version from the taper does not have any issues.
Notes - Show:
Interesting, just before the band busts open Intolerance, Maynard chants 19-90-90-9, 19-90-90-9 over and over. The video of this is very choppy -most of the time- but has it's moments. There are many different versions of this particular source floating around; most from MP3. Many sources have inconsistent track transitions.  Looking at that setlist, at the end of 2002, I think: "What a great show that must have been." But, I have a feeling I'll be saying that about shows I was at a few years from now. Hindsight has a way of making things a little bit more clearer, perhaps. Yeah? As for this show, it should be noted that A Perfect Circle played the day before. Then, Tool played the day after. At the time, it must've been at least interesting but now, retrospectively, it seems almost surreal in a way. Or not.
Notes - DAT:
Although this is also on DAT, I will not re-rip this to CD for obvious reasons,

"Are you happy? On three, can I get a big fat yes? One, two, three. How about in French, which 'oui', in case  you didn't know that. One, two, three. And in Spanish, 'si'. One, two, three" (in case you didn't realize, what MJK has the crowd yell: "yes we see")



Time: 41:14
CD 2

You Lied

Time: 44:29
CD 1

(-) Ions
<drum solo as band walks on-stage>
Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex