Source B:
DAT -- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony PCM-M1
DAT:           DAT-3 > Digital Clone-4
CD Gen:   ? from Master
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Notes: Very nice audience recording that not only captures the only performance from 99 but also is an accurate reflection of the performance itself. The sound set-up was just amazing at this festival - ultra crisp. This recording has a noticeable level change (down) but is not really a big issue. However, it is pretty evident that in a side-by-side analysis of this & CatalystX's recording, this source would be a second... a close second though. It's hard to really compare as both are really tight.  Both sources are vibrant, crisp and clear but this seems to be slightly less intense though. Still, this is definitely one recording to attain as it would be hard to disappoint you. Still, I think that most people would listen to CatalystX's recording before this one. But I could be wrong. Although the DAT I have is a 4G from master... unlike the CD that has no generation known to it. Come to think of it, I do not know one person that has a known generational CD of this show.

"Are you happy? On three, can I get a big fat yes? One, two, three. How about in French, which 'oui', in case  you didn't know that. One, two, three. And in Spanish, 'si'. One, two, three" (in case you didn't realize, what MJK has the crowd yell: "yes we see")



Time: 19:42
CD 2


Time: 67:49
CD 1

(-) Ions
<drum solo as band walks on-stage>
Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex
You Lied