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Source C: 1st Gen VHS > DVD
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Filmed from the right of the stage, this video captures an unique angle of Tool during the only known performance of 1999. The audio is mono-only as it comes out of the right channel. The video itself is wide-screen @ 16:9 ratio. Interesting stuff. The filmer knew what he was doing, apparently... although Tool is incomplete. All known copies of this are like that. There are some disturbingly clear images of Mark + Hanna of Osseus Labyrinth climbing up ropes during Sober that made me think "talk about rug-burn". Ouch. Getting back to the issue of an incomplete recording, this is. In fact, almost all of the songs have random / sporadic cuts in them. This is due to the taper realizing that little tape was left as RATM + a couple of various acts before Tool were briefly captured. The RATM part does have MJK on "Know Your Enemy", that is interesting. The filmer captures the essence of a Tool pit as well with some shots of overtly-testosterone-laden boys climbing all over each other in a "mosh". Bah. To clear up information that people have asked, this is the original audio... other video sources of this performance synched the csb>m1 audio with the video. All in all, this is worth the effort to track down but will this video change your life? Probably not.


"Are you happy? On three, can I get a big fat yes? One, two, three. How about in French, which 'oui', in case  you didn't know that. One, two, three. And in Spanish, 'si'. One, two, three" (in case you didn't realize, what MJK has the crowd yell: "yes we see")




(-) Ions
Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex
You Lied
(cut at end)