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Unspecified Hi-8mm Recording Equipment
Source F: 1st Gen VHS > DVD
Image from DVD: Here
Image from DVD: Here
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Filmed from the back-right of the floor, this video is littered with numerous cuts, the sound is distorted on various levels & there is a lot of crowd noise; that is, when you can tell the difference between the brickwalled sound to hear some girl screeching or some fella yelling Tool. The video quality overall is pretty good actually. It catches a different "feeling" than the other videos do. With as many (relatively many that is for a Tool show) videos of this performance floating around, three confirmed, you would think the band had these filmers on pay roll. The highlight of this video is the filmer's accuracy at catching not just Danny, Adam, Justin or MJK but the screens. Interesting stuff actually. Believe it or not, it took me until 08/2006 to attain this source. I do not think it is all together ultimately a rare, "valuable" item that people have been keeping from the light of day. I do think that due to such higher quality sources available, this often is overlooked. Yes, the audio is extremely distorted & that will turn lots of people off right from the start. However, as someone who watches for this; the different came angle with some truly remarkable shots. If that is what you are looking for, this may actually be for you. Otherwise, this is for serious collector's only & most likely not fit for mass consumption as many people would never, ever watch this. As a bonus, RATM's incomplete performance is caught for posterity with this DVD as well. The sound + video are pretty much the same as what is mentioned above. Happy digging... maybe this time wear gloves & wash up when you are done. All that Stinkfisting will exhaust you after a while.


"Are you happy? On three, can I get a big fat yes? One, two, three. How about in French, which 'oui', in case  you didn't know that. One, two, three. And in Spanish, 'si'. One, two, three"



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Rage Against The Machine


(-) Ions
Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex (OTRM)
(incomplete / only 2 seconds recorded)
You Lied