October 10, 2009
Coachella Festival
cu.org Acquired Master

Source G:
Analog --- Sonic Studios DSM6s/l > Sony WM-D6
Transfer: Cassette-Master > Sony TC-WE425 > Audiophile 24/96 (analog) > Soundforge 6.0 > WAV (transferred by GSP, 2009)
Taper: Steve H. / Ballsdeep
: Master
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Notes: This is the 7th (and perhaps final) source of Tool from Coachella 1999 that may ever actually make the light of day. The taper, a classically trained linguist skilled in both martial arts, OGT taping, cunnilingus & tomfoolery pulled off one hell of a capture. You can look at this source from a myriad of perspectives; one, you have the rather historical context of this gig (i.e.: if you have seen multiple Tool shows in the 10K Days era or even Lateralus era -- you know what I mean; repetition) where Tool performed just one doozy of a setlist. No other performance is as varied & for that matter experimental as was this set. Two, there are several videos & several audio recordings - as such, all sources combined, offers even the hardest or most turned-off Tool fan/collector a sort of "panoramic" view of the band at this stage in their evolution. Three, this recording simply sounds good. It is a rock solid, enjoyable recording that is best appreciated a) loud + b) as you listen to the near-silent crowd over the bass of 'You Lied' -- careful, you may get a tingle. Upon discussion with the taper, he informed me that he felt there were other recordings that were "better than his" (such as CatalystX's recording) thus he sat on the tape for just about 10 years when he, actually, sent me the physical/actual Cassette-Master for cu.org. Yeah. I think that's pretty cool to be perfectly honest with you - there is a picture of it in the photo section of the cu.org DAT collection page. As it is, the taper requested that I transfer this & give it a proper EQ for release. I must be honest with you; I  few various mix-samples going, I listened intently to the differences compared with the master/unedited version... had to go with what sounded the best; the master version. The sound is absolutely clean, crisp & damn this has a serious amount of depth. It's that analog sound? I think so. There are instances of phasing with movement from the crowd and other variables, however, this is not a serious flaw but if one were to nit-pick that would be it. A certain amount of crowd noise that is actually directly comparable to any other source including the CSB>M1/OadeII source. This is a spectacular recording of a wonderful performance with l-i-f-e & energy flowing through it. Yes, another thank you to Steve for taping this one...

Time: 84 mins
Set list:


"19-90-90-9, 19-90-90-9, 19-90-90-9, 19-90-90-9"

Hooker With A Penis

"Are you happy? On three, can I get a big fat yes? One, two, three. How about in French, which is 'oui', in case you didn't know that. One, two, three. And in Spanish, 'si'. One, two, three" (in case you didn't realize, what MJK has the crowd yell: "yes we see")

Forty-Six & 2

"We have a guest. We have Buzz from the Melvins joining us. This is a song by a band called Peach which Justin used to be in.
Back when he was eating bad food"

Prison Sex

"We like to dedicate this next song to our friend Scott Reader"


"It,s been a long time since we have been able to play with Rage Against The Machine. We spent many many months in Europe eating stale bread and horrible cheese. Its a pleasure to play with em again. Did they kick your ass ? I don't know if you know this or not, but Zach is really sick. But he still came out here and kicked your ass. What do you think of that ? They have a new record come out November 1st go and buy it"


"Another Buzz Osbourne, another Peach song"

You Lied