Source B:
Unknown Analog Recording Equipment
Gen:             1st from Master
Purchased: Dublin, Ireland at 
MP3 Sample: N/A

Notes: If you look at the unknowns regarding the source info + taper info, how in the world is it possible to have a 1st Gen of a recording? It seems weird but it is how it is. In the Summer of 2001, early July (about 2 years ago now), my fiancée/wife & I studied abroad through our University. We were taking classes on medical ethics and socialized health care in London, England. On the weekends, we would go to places + countries to just check what we can out. One of our weekends, we would go to different places and sight-see. One weekend, we stayed in Dublin. While looking around, we came across some very interesting shops, locales & tasty treats. And, fortunately, a very cool record store. I forget the name but I can tell you this: their address is in the phone book, when I was there in 2001 they had 2 stores in Dublin & one of the stores, the main one, you had to walk down the steps into the basement of a building. I will put the name of the shop if anyone ever discovers the name of the establishment or after Sarah & I get back, whenever that may be. Walking into the record store was exactly what I wanted to see - rows & rows & rows of bootlegs, 80% or so on cassette. To be honest, cassette was interesting to me as each one was quite cheap. Apparently, this is the store where U2's Bono is said to have gone into to purchase stolen demo tapes from the 'Zoo' era. According to the guy I talked to at the store, he just laughed & thought it was funny, bought a couple other live U2 recordings as well & left. After browsing through some of the selections & picking up some cassettes (Rolling Stone, Faith No More, Beatles) I came across the copy of Tool in Dublin, Ireland on June 7, 2001. At this point, the time past the performance was maybe the second week of July & was rather interested in this recording as, to this point, I had no idea that it was recorded by anyone else (Note: Duncan's CSB>MT77  is other source). While I was purchasing the cassettes, I asked if the taping of Dublin performances were done by the store & the gentleman said something like "my son does it for the store". In retrospect, I should have asked the source information for the Tool show at the time but at that time, in Europe, source information for Tool shows was the last thing from my mind.
Notes: The recording quality of this source is probably a hair above collector's only. My best guess for this recording is: Sony ECM microphones > Sony MD. There are no audible tape flips except where the tape actually flips, I think the taper used LP2 mode or something. This is certainly not a DAT recording, no one will mistake that. The speed on the tape is actually sped-up about a half-step-fast, so, I slowed it down a little. The bass is probably the muddiest when the kick-drum really hits. The highs, guitars + vocals, are at a general level of near-distortion. It is listenable & has a rather interesting capture of the performance. I saw the SFX venue, it is very small but this recording was made a distance from a speaker source. Also, Lateralus is incomplete due to the tape running out.
Notes: As of now, I am not trading this recording out as it is still on cassette.

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for your support. In a way, this is kind of a home-coming for us... since our great-grandfathers were from here. Having looked around, it's hard to imagine why they would leave. Thank you for your support."



























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