Source A:
Analog  --- Sony Cassette Recorder TCS-580V (built-in mic)
Taper:       Duncan
           1st from Master
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Notes: Duncan traveled from England to the States to attend Tool's 4-date mini-tour. His recording's of the March mini-tour have, as of Sept. 2002, been put onto CD yet again by the master taper. CatalystX remastered this recording as well & it is commonly available. The thing about it this time is that they are now in their native form; these are not EQ'd and they haven't sounded better. This is probably for the purist who wants to hear a classic gig. Really nice recording, all of Duncan's mini-tour recordings have been confused with DATs & MDs by various people. There is a DAT version of this show, though. For some reason, they seem to simply sound very good, which they are. Although a tiny amount of tape hiss is audible if you strain your ears it is minimal at worst. Crowd is not as loud as one would think as well, for a cassette. The sound itself has a rather dynamic range to it that does not fluctuate nor does it brickwall; very balanced. It's odd, many MD tapers can't even get a sound this good, presently. Also, Bob & Dave from HBO's 'Mr. Show' come out & try & cure Maynard as he has 'a-tit-alittus'. A warning to the audience members: do not suck his cock. The times below represent two common rips out there, provided as a reference, the 2nd time to represent the 2002 CatalystX remaster.

Maynardism: "How many of you suckers are coming back here tomorrow night? It will be a completely different show so you'll get to see a completely different thing & all you people that didn't buy tickets for tomorrow night, tomorrow night will be the better show. Sorry, I'm not going to wear anything tomorrow."




CD 1
Time: 70:47
Time: 41:38

Sit down out here we are trying to sleep.


Dr. Bob: ‘Pardon me, excuse me. Pardon me everyone. Ohh I’m a doctor and Dr. Bob and this is Dr. David from doctor show – please, please. One of the… please if I can have just a little bit of attention here, just a little hair of attention. One of the band members is… infected with entitilitus now can everyone tell me which one of the band members is named Monkean? Which one of you is Vermont? Are you Vermont? Maynard? That’s… this’s the one. This young man is infected with entitilitus, we are gonna be running some tests on him during the next song, please ohh don’t mind us. Don’t mind us. This is a disease that any of you can get from this distance; so don’t suck his cock ok?
Maynard: ‘Anything I should avoid?’
Dr. Bob: ‘Ohhh yeah, you should avoid oohh singing, but if you have to, if you have to…’
Maynard: ‘I have to sing.’
Dr. Bob: ‘Only if you have to…’


Maynard: ‘So how am I?’
Dr. Bob: ‘You are not well, you’ll make it through this concert.’
Maynard: ‘Good.’
Dr. Bob: ‘Unless everybody wishes real hard he’s not gonna make it. Everybody say live Maynard live. I can’t hear you! How about you bitches up there, how about you motherfuckers up there.’
Maynard: ‘Brian, Bob and Dave from Mr. Show on HBO give ‘em a hand is fucking funny, real funny guys.’

Part of Me

‘? you are fired.’


‘This is ooh a love song and it goes out to our friends at Netty’s Restaurant Silver Lake. It’s called Hooker With A Penis.’

Hooker With A Penis

During the song: ‘We are selling some oh new limited edition t-shirts down at the lobby, make sure you pick one up on your way out.’
‘How many of your suckers are coming back tomorrow night? It’ll be a completely different show so, you’ll get to see a whole different thing and all you people that didn’t buy a ticket for tomorrow night; tomorrow is gonna be the better show – sorry. I’m not gonna wear anything tomorrow.’

Crawl Away

‘Are you being nice to each other? We have a special freak coming out to play on this song with us, actually two songs, Buzz from the Melvins is gonna come out and jam. These two songs are dedicated to Justin’s brother who’s here from London, his name is Jim. Everybody say hey Jim. These songs are for you dickhead.’

CD 2
Time: 41:44 (starts on Stinkfist)

You Lied

‘Buzz, Buzz Light Year from the Melvins.’

‘You like my new slippers? – me to.


‘Thanks for coming, thanks for coming. I don’t know if you guys know this or not but we are from L.A., so we are happy for be playing for you guys - it’s home for us. Thank you for coming down, seriously, we love you. Rock 'n' Roll.’


‘Thank you, good night. We’ll see you tomorrow. Just because we won a Grammy doesn’t mean we do encores.’