Source A:
Analog  --- Sony Cassette Recorder TCS-580V (built-in mic)
Taper:       Duncan
           1st from Master
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Notes: Duncan traveled from England to the States to attend Tool's 4-date mini-tour. His recording's of the March mini-tour have, as of Sept. 2002, been put onto CD yet again by the master taper. CatalystX remastered this recording as well & it is commonly available.
Notes: This gig seems a little bit louder than the other 3 mini-tour shows & is probably my personal favorite as well. Good sound especially considering that this is sourced from not a DAT, not a MD but a cassette. Blistering performance of 3rd Eye...also, this may be the best performance by Tool during the mini-tour but, again, I wasn't there. But I do have an opinion... it is very hard to beat the performances of these mini tour recordings... they are classic. And very good for the equipment used! What a setlist... The times below represent two common rips out there, provided as a reference, the 2nd time to represent the 2002 CatalystX remaster. What a setlist!




CD 1
Time: 56:46

Forty-Six & 2

‘Can you fell it? What is it?’

Cold and Ugly
Swamp Song

‘This next song you probably haven't heard us play for a while, it’s about safe sex in the nineties.’

Part Of Me

‘We missed you.’


Maynard: ‘We have a special guest with us here tonight, gonna play on a song with us. This’s Buzz from the Melvins. They are gonna be doing Ozzfest with us this year as well. None more metal than us.’
Buzz: ‘But you guys are the ones who won the Grammy.
Maynard: ‘We won the Grammy so eyes down please.’


‘Buzz, the Melvins. Not a wig. We have another guest, oh come on. It’s band called Kyuss, this is there bass player Scott Reeder. It’s a Kyuss song called Demoncleaner.’

Demon Cleaner

‘Scott Reeder.’


‘Vince on keyboards.’

CD 2
Time: 30:03 (starts on Third Eye

Third Eye

‘Vince. Hmmm let’s see aahhh...’


‘Why, why, why? Don’t you people have some studying to do?