Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty (CAD)
"Peace Day"

April 17, 1987 --- Grand Rapids, MI, USA @ Grand Rapids Public Access
Source: 3 Gen VHS > DVD
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Notes: I bought this from someone claiming to be the brother of a member of CAD from Grand Rapids, MI in the late 1980's. I have not transferred my VHS to DVD but there are several copies floating around that are VHS>DVD transfers but all seem to be sourced from a seller(s) on eBay thus meaning those are high/unknown generation copies/transfers.
Notes: What an interesting capture. MJK performing, live in the mid-1980's, complete with tight-stretch pants, earrings, make-up & "big hair", is worth the somewhat cheesy-effects (psychedelic swirl), tape-hiss & somewhat incoherent backing band. For the collector of Tool, it is of significant interest to hear the earliest live recording of it's front-man as  his style, lyrical content are developing at this stage. The back-up band is a rather eclectic mix of musicians such as the balding drummer (with mullet), African-American bassist, the  'focused-but-determined-long-haired lead guitarist (with glasses) & the shaggy-haired rhythm guitarist give an indication of how-tight as a band they are. Especially live. Let's be truthful, this capture would not be interesting if MJK was not the lead singer. And for that reason, it is. If you take a listen to "Burn About Out" you will hear the earliest quasi-working lyrics of Tool's "Sober". To be exact: "walking like a starving butler, who among the finger rests". 

Time: 34

If A Friend
Waiting For The World
Wait Now, Cry Now
Burn About Out
25 Hours
Mandango Lover

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