Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty (CAD)
"Dog House"

1987.xx.xx --- Grand Rapids, MI, USA @ Unknown
Source: Cassette > ?Gen > CD
Source: Low Gen Cassette > Goldwave > .WAV > NERO > CD
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Notes: There is a small amount of confusion regarding the source of this work. The information, as I knew it, was that this was recorded by Maynard & Kevin Hornove (guitar) on a multi-track recorder, not in a studio. A different collector who has this same item believes it is a studio recording. Either way, this is the best audio-quality of any of the CAD or TexANS items in regards to quality. This work is the last of the known very-early-pre-Tool MJK captures to be in some status of being "available" if you know where to look. This is the most polished, if that is possible, of the releases. Of particular interest are the cuts "Wait Now Cry Now" & "If A Friend" as both are quite polished. The quality of the effort varies greatly from track to track & is not, so to speak, a completely fluid listen but it is, at the very least, interesting.

Time: 60:44

Feed My Fire
Wait Now, Cry Now
If A Friend
Mandango Lover
Bleeding On You
Waiting For The World
New System
Psuedo System
Phone Walls
TV Date Smoke
 TV System
Bone Dog