Children of The Anachronistic Dynasty (CAD)

1986 --- Grand Rapids, MI, USA @ Maynard's Living Room
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Source: Low Gen Cassette > Goldwave > .WAV > NERO > CD
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Notes: This is the first known recording to surface featuring Maynard James Keenan on vocals. A small bit of background, when this was recorded, he was 22/23 years old, had studied at West Point military school (picture) & was living in Grand Rapids, MI while attending art school. This was recorded in MJK's living room of a rented house in MI to an analog cassette. The overall audio clarity implies that this was put through at least a rudimentary mixer of some kind. Interestingly, this was entirely done by Marynard & a fellow named Kevin Hornove. You can see Mr. Hornove as the long-haired lead guitarist in the "live" performance from 04/17/1987. This is an interesting artifact in the recording career of MJK; there are strong indications of the lyrical content, performance, style & thematic nature of things to come. For your consideration, you may download a complete MP3 of "If A Friend". The timing & phrasing is remarkable. Now, this is not for the faint of heart. This is not Tool. This is not APC. This is something else entirely. Personally, I find this to be quite enjoyable. Some may find this a bit abrasive. The tune "Wait Now, Cry Now" is actually good. There is a slight layer of fuzz that permeates the recording but this is a common issue. There are various CD copies that are sourced from MP3; in 2000, 2001; this recording was available for download in MP3 form off of a website. As a result, this was often sold on eBay. That means, there are a ton of "bad" copies out there, in fact, most copies are sourced from MP3.

Time: 60:02

Wait Now, Cry Now
Slip Ring
Burn About Out
The Eagle Is Dying
Left Down Up
Does Your Mother Know?
Bird Must Sing
Sanguine Chromundo
Bleeding On You
25 Hours
Earth Knew
Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty
If A Friend