TexANS (Tex & The Anti-Nazi Squad)
"Never Again"

1986 --- Grand Rapids, MI, USA @ Unknown
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Source: Low Gen Cassette > Goldwave > .WAV > NERO > CD
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Notes: For those that are interested in a quasi-alternative/industrial-space-music, this is for you. This is not a great nor wonderfully clean creation; but then again was that the intention? With vocals from "Tex", guitar by Kevin Horning, bass by James Keenan & drums by ?, this recording is of interest for those interested enough to read this little blurb here. You. Obviously, Jimmy moves forward to greater things such as Tool. But at this point in his life, he is living in rural Grand Rapids, MI working at a pizza-joint, attending Kendall Art School. This is of course after the Marines. Regarding this creation, Maynard does not sing, even back-up. The vocals are not polished, nor is the overall quality of the recording. However, this may be Maynard's first recorded works so in a way it is interesting (if that interests you). But, believe me when I tell you the music is awful. The audio quality is actually a little better than the Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty "Fingernails" effort. If you are hoping for something Tool, A Perfect Circle or even Puscifer-related, this is not for you! One more thing, I particularly like the very positive names of the songs; very deep. Surprisingly, there are reports of MP3 sources floating around. All in all, this is best left for collectors only.

Time: 56:34

Answer What You Axe
Social Declination
God is come
Waiting for the Word
Soft Head
Horrors of Life
Mental Medication
 In God We Trust
Suburban Death Trip
   Wanna Be A Nazi?
 House of Doom
Big Dead Thing