The following is a list of good traders I've happened across. I had a good exchange with them; chances are you would as
well but there is no guarantee. This list also serves as evidence of my authenticity & the respective traders listed below.
There are most likely people that I've not included. Sorry.

Last updated: 2002

Good Traders

AK, USA - Steve
AZ, USA - Randy R.
AZ, USA - Jeff S.
AZ, USA - Billy
AZ, USA - Sean C.
AZ, USA - Steve
CA, USA - Mason D.
CA, USA - Clint S.
CA, USA - Erik W.
CA, USA - Elec.
CA, USA - Armen M.
<Zh'ian Osatch>
CA, USA - Vincent A. <Yvo Arioch>
CA, USA - 'Spent Bullets'
CA, USA - Tommy K.
CO, USA - Chris S.
CO, USA - Billy T.
IL, USA - Brad N.
IL, USA - Vikas B.
IL, USA - T.C.
KY, USA - Sean Gilroy
MI, USA - Galen
MO, USA - Ryan Anderson
MO, USA - Travis
<James Stidham>
MO, USA - Kevin W.
NC, USA - Chris B.
NC, USA - Thomas D.
NJ, USA - Kamyar
NJ, USA - Keith B.
NM, USA - Karl F.
NY, USA - Jared D.
NY, USA  - Travis E.
NY, USA - Erik
OH, USA - Steve A.
OK, USA - Neil L.
OR, USA - Chris F.
OR, USA - K.
PA, USA - Brett B.
WA, USA - ConcertVidz
WA, USA - Aaron
?, USA - Andy C.
?, USA - Strates
?, USA - Trader Al
?, USA - Lounge414
?, USA - Bearkat
Australia, Sydney - Karl R.
Australia, Sydney - Andrew
Australia - Rajan
Australia - 2L
Australia - Dean F.
Belgium - Vincent V.H.
<Zen Lord>
Canada, Ont. - Henry D.
Canada, Ont. - Tyler G.
Canada, Ont. - Josh S.
Canada, Novia Scotia - Justin M.
Canada, POQ - Charles C.
Canada, POQ - Brandon
Finland - Antti N.
France, Paris - Franck B.
France, Paris - Julien B.
Great Britain - Duncan
Great Britain - Tim
Great Britain - Matt W.
Great Britain - Ben C.
Netherlands - Wim De V.
Netherlands - Kristian J.
New Zealand - Mark + Brett S.
Norway/Sweden - Per CLS
Scotland, Glasgow - Stewart