Links of Interest:

CNN - A daily dose of lies, misrepresentations and obscurities of the truth?
AMT - Alt.Music.Tool

The Raft - Watch some videos MTV would never play from talented artists.

Truth Out - The news as truth. By liberals, of course.

Biblical Errancy - Questioning Christian religiosity?

The Plane-arium - South Park website; download entire episodes.

Something Awful - Amusing antics & pix.

The Age Of Consent - Fancy a shag?

Tool Live: Third Eye - Interesting Tool site.

Where Are My Pants - Useless information.

Consumption Junction - Not for the weak of heart.

Rehabilitation Counseling - You may need this one day; my masters program.

Core Sound Binaural Microphones   - Great mics.

Giant Squid Audio Lab Microphones - Good mics.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Yep.