This is the only real -straight from the fingertips of Tool - that we, as tapers, traders, collector's & fans- really have
regarding their or at least Maynard's view on live recordings. Is this an official policy that will let you be able to proudly
carry your taping equipment into the venue of your choice? No. You must be stealthy.

Tool seems to combat taping and bootlegging of their shows but they do seem to put up with it after the fact. I think that
if we simply respect the band's art and collect for genuine reasons rather than anything else then -that- is ok in their eyes. If
Maynard's APC project's perspective on taping is any indication, recording Tool is not what they really want. But,
wouldn't it make more sense to embrace this moment and this movement (taping) rather than fight it?

The following abridged commentary was taken off of the chat on Tool Army on Aug. 4, 2002.

<XenThral> Maynard, do you support bootlegs?
<maynard>  no
<XenThral> maynard why?
<maynard>  assholes who sell bootlegs for 30-60 bucks dont care about quality
<maynard>  and they make all the money
<Taliesin>    what about fans just trading for free/cost of tape?
<maynard>   that's fine