Tool Links

The following websites have been instrumental for gathering information for what is available, source information and general informational value. I value all of them equally, they are not listed in order of anything but are each their separate resource for information you may need. I use each resource and recommend that you do as well.

Distortion Online
The resource of: Tool's  tour journal there is.
Tool Live History
The resource for: Tool's live recording information.
Perhaps the original Tool site. Excellent.. Most info you could want.
Collective Unconscious
The resource of: Live Tool' recordings in trade circulation.
Original site - very informative and is a very good resource.
Tool - kanal tool . prv. pl
Artistic, classy & intriguing Polish fan site.
Tool - Armenian
Slow loading but graphically appealing Armenian fan-site
Tool - Nuclei
Old, long-abandoned site with some interesting stories.
Tool -
If you are looking for B&P or to trade with various people, this is a good place to start.
Hasn't been updated in a long time but some good info.
Very good resource for Tool information (when Tool is touring).
Random Tool-related sights. Do some research, check stuff out.