This website's focus is on Tool's music. If you have something I do not by Tool or a related interest and/or am a taper; I may be interested in a trade. Email me your list & we'll take it from there. Just so you know, I have put in way too much time, resources, money and interest in this hobby to rip you or anyone off. Please read these very basic & easy to understand rules.


If we have not traded before (unless I contact you), you
must send first, no exceptions. Although I believe in the 'goodness' of humanity, there are people out there who do not share the same beliefs. I do not plan on getting ripped off and if you trade with me, you will not.

Always use
good CDR's such as TDK, Hewlett Packard, Fuji, Maxell, Memorex, Sony or, even, Imation. I do not accept 'no name' CDR's as they are shit. Of particular concern are any (SHIT) = silver-shiny (face) CDR's...I have had those melt on me! I will, of course, send your discs on one of the above CDRs. Please, do not use anything but the above brands of CDRs as the technology of burning CDRs is not totally reliable as it is. We, as traders, need to keep the trading-pool as piss free as possible.

Always burn your CDs 'disc at once'
(DAO). Anything *but* smooth track transitions, you must tell me before we trade!

Do not write anything on the CDR's. Use a piece of paper & write the date, location & source info & simply put it in the CD-holder. Do not put tape on a CDR.


If there is ever a problem with a disc(s), you must send it back to me & I will investigate what the problem(s) are. Then, I will send out the fixed issues. As long as the discs play correctly then my job is done; I'm trading you discs - copying them is only extra stuff. If for some reason you cannot copy a disc, find an alternate method of copying it via another software program. I do that all the time. If there is a skip, gap or whatever which is different than my copy, I will (of course) send it back ASAP; after you tell me where the discrepancy is. If the discrepancy is different than my disc, Ill replace it. I try & note every issue on the item description (CD pages) but can't always get everything on the first time. You take this risk trading in general...I know no trader can honestly say they've identified every issue on every disc. I do my best though.


I do not want nor do I accept
MP3 sourced CDR's. I can't even tell you how much that pisses me off as MP3's contaminate the trading pool, mostly have innacurate information & are less audio quality. Not to even take into consideration the fact that the taper, who pre-planned to record the show (purchasing & understanding the equipment, sneak & record the equipment into the venue successfully, master it properly & then trade it out) goes completely without any sort of recognizition. As for the MP3 issue, If you think you can fool me with bullshit, you cannot. Do not try. All I have to do, if I have a doubt, is check the WAV compression for scientific, deductive reasoning & for inductive reasoning, all I have to do is listen to it. But all that is a waste of time. Please do not waste mine, I would much rather spend time with my fiance...

Please send me as much information you have on a show.
Taper, equipment, location (where the taper stood), venue, etc.

To contact me, use an email address from a web-based service such as yahoo, hotmail, AOL or something comporable. I do not use Outlook Express or similiar services.