UPDATES FROM 01/06/2003 to 12/2004 ARE ON THIS PAGE.

Galen: gaspcdz@yahoo.com


December 4, 2004


Finally, 2001 + 2002 dates are now up. That would make that a whole hell of a lot of time & energy spent on verifying source information, wading through emails, websites, hand written notes & making connections with older contacts. Everything listed on this site is backed up by some form of information or another. That said, corrections and opinions are always appreciated. I am sure there are mistakes somewhere & if you see something, let me know.

There has been so many changes to this entire site that listing everything here would be pointless. Some major areas to list are: rationale for MP3 samples, the 'want list' & various types of information. I have worked so long & rather hard on this massive update > overhaul. Honestly, hope people realize this fact & use the site to assist themselves in their collection. I am a fan of this band & have been for a long time in the past & shall be one for the future, this website is simply a testament to the art Tool creates when they perform live. This has been an almost daily project for me after work. Does it matter? Matters to me.

There are many more updates of not just site material but also live recordings coming up in the very near future. Things are looking bright. Stay positive.

November 12, 2004


Yep. Still here. Am I doing stuff still? Yes. Having a good time as well. Am 100% done w/2001 & am 1/2 way done w/2002. There are many steps to each show/source. Am & have been triple verifying everything again & trying to get back to old contacts & am happy to make new ones.
Recently the Tool Leeches have been out.  A word to the wise, stay away from them. They will let you know that they are finished with you after they take everything of value from you while contributing nothing. You know who you are & if you have no idea what I am talking about, good. These people give trading a bad name. These people lack respect for other traders & the recordings themselves. These people do not listen to the stuff they have. These people do not care what lines are crossed. These people are so completely "in" for themselves that it is disturbing. These people are hypocritical, confined vampires.

November 12, 2004

Have been doing stuff behind the scenes so to speak. This is taking a long time. Is worth it, a nice way to unwind after a day's work for a little bit. Had 2 days off for Union vacation, got some stuff done. Thanks for the nice words to people. More later.


November 3, 2004

Huh. So, all the 'get the vote out', 'vote or die' & other assorted voting-is-so-cool tee shirts were a catch phrase? Very close election but what the hell, who voted for Bush? Oh that's right, you did. Shit.  Moral values as one of the most important issue to voters? That is funny. Defoliate Bush.

November 2, 2004

I trust that those that vote have done so already. My prediction:  President John Kerry sends George Dubya Bush to Iraq to put his money where his mouth is. Maybe not Iraq. Detroit, MI would be equally pleasant. Short story about v
oting? Was at the polls this morning, got there @ 6:30AM - polls at 7:00AM. Waited in a massive line for an hour. And I was one of the people at the beginning of the line(ish). A poll worker I talked to for a sec mentioned that he had been doing the polls for the past 7 elections, 28 years, and had not seen a crowd like this first thing in the morning-ever. Ann Arbor, MI is trying to pass a city-resolution re: marijuana decriminalization. Currently, the fine is $100 for sale / use / possession for under .25 ounce and is just a civil infraction. Trying to pass a non-fine partition and also decriminalize it completely for people that use it for medical uses as long as a doctor has ok'd it. That is progressive thinking actuallyAlso on our ballot in MI is a resolution to amend the state constitution to define marriage, make it only for a man + a woman. This is a matter of civil rights, not about marriage. Assume this will be struck down as it should. So, predictions: George Dubya moves to Michigan after losing his job, moves to Flint, MI & tries his best to get a-job-that-is-not-there while living with his partner, Dick C.
October 28, 2004

I hope that those of us that are well over 18 are registered & have made the proper accommodations to vote for the lesser of two evils, Kerry/Edwards. I try to not talk about religion or politics with people as a general rule & would vote for whatever candidate would be better, republican or democrat or independent. However, it blows my mind that anyone could honestly vote for an insane, religious-fundamentalist cowboy & look themselves in the mirror. Perhaps it is where I live but one of the only Bush/Cheney '04 lawn-displays in Ann Arbor, MI was vandalized. Rather amusing.

October 27, 2004

The years 91-96 are exactly how the rest of the site will be like, except for 1-2 shows that have file names that I have not got to yet. Takes a long time, have only a certain amount of time to devote to this task but, hey, is relaxing after a day of work... toss on a Tool CD or DAT & just do some stuff. Keep the comments coming in for those that have ideas or input. More soon.

October 17, 2004
Ok... site is back, on a limited basis. Dates 91 - 98 are up, for the most part. 99-2002 dates are all down as they are under massive construction. I had no plans to put this back online being not finished but I have received more than enough random emails of people saying, "what the hell happened'? So, here you are. Please note that there approximately 50 recordings that I have either not had a chance to do yet or there is info missing... I have all this written down & will be fixing it on-the-fly. Have put in a lot of time, energy & resources into this project.

You will notice that there are now MP3 samples of each show. This is to give the user/collector more of an idea about a recording rather than just my opinion. MP3 is not a format to trade shows. There are no complete recordings or songs in MP3 that I have for download or in the collection. There is nothing wrong with using MP3 for samples, which is why they are available now, especially for this purpose. There are a myriad of recordings that have incorrect source information or people do not know what is what. I have taken immaculate care to triple-check everything that is online now & is finished. The samples will hopefully help you. 

I really hope people enjoy the new format/layout of the site. Any comments or issues, let me know.

October 11, 2004
Appreciate the notes from people. As it is, the site is simply down. I am devoting as much time as I can to it but there is only so much I can do at one time. It is quality, not quantity. With the reviews, to me, it is important that each has it's own moment of honesty & reflection. Since there are a lot, a lot, of Tool recordings, this will continue to take a while. I have confidence that the majority will find the upgrade of the entire site to be beneficial, all things considered. Such as is one of my favorite quotes from Dazed & Confused: "Hey - it's quality, not quantity, man". Now, will this entire site redesign take a few months? No, I don't think so, not at the rate I am going. Should be sooner.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

October 6, 2004
Working still.

September 28, 2004
Collective Unconscious.org is undergoing a massive site overhaul. As such, only this update page will be up for the time being. Every page is and will be altered. Mentioned some of this below so I will not waste my time to re-explain it. I hope that at the completion of this task this site will be even more helpful for the collector, fan & for the random person that lands on this site.  I do not have a date or real estimation of when everything will be up.  A few months, maybe longer or shorter. Not sure. However, I will be keeping a bit of a log (of sorts) here & will put up samples or examples to elicit user comments. Let me know. But for a while, CU.org is off-line. If there is a question or comment, I can be reached by email.

September 23, 2004
Quick one here, been working when I can on a massive site overhaul. Massive. Every page will be affected. Thanks to Ricky R., wish I would have found it years ago... for an example of new format, please refer to 07.25.92. Cheers for now.

September 15, 2004
A) New?
ecently upgraded Web Site account. 20 GBs of space vs. 25 MBs. Am already working when I can to add something that has taken me years to be in the position to do to further the ultimate goal of this site: to serve as the most comprehensive reference for live recordings that are in trade or know to be recorded / released Give it time, will all be worth it - that I hope. Am in the process of updating each & every live recording page + source to triple check source info with hard copies & re-formatting the pages. Since this is not a database-driven site, every page has to be done manually - don't mind it though, is rather relaxing. All this to also,  be in accordance with the other important & new addition. More on that later. Work on this when I can...
B) Add Your Thoughts To Recordings - User Opinions?
Do you have something to add about a particular show, recording source or something significant about a past experience at a Tool show? Upon much work & reflection, it seems that an appropriate addition to this site is for it to be a little more interactive. I think that each collector has an opinion & voice that is worth having out there. I think it is important that each show get -not just- my take on the recording or show. So, I am opening it up to everyone to contribute what they want to. Just follow the format on the
user opinions page. I have no idea how soon it will take it off or what response this will get. Suppose it is time to test it out. So, since I get so many emails of people talking about Tool stuff, let it all out.

September 7, 2004
A  friend sent me a link to a site that had an implication that there are sites that have incorrect source information or just guess source information. I don't necessarily think that is true unless someone is A) new B) just downloads stuff out of ease + possible laziness or C) doesn't care. For the record, for those that may care, this site has gone to extreme lengths to verify source information, taper information, disc time information & other relevant info. If someone cannot recognize that then that is fine, this site is free for the user, does not make me any money what-so-ever, costs me $xx per month & takes up a shitload of time. If I am going to do something, I am  not going to do it half-assed. However, there are certain people that, even if everything was 100% going their way, they would still find something to complain about. This site openly shares information with other sites & other sites share information with it as well. There are really only a few people who put in effort and time into this Tool-site-thing & a whole bunch more people who have little to do other than complain.
There are plenty of new updates coming including a confirmed 93 VID that,  for years, was listed as xx.xx.93. Also, some new DATs, CDs & even a cassette source? Weird. Until that time - no need to hold your breath.

August 07, 2004
Things have a tendency to slow down about this time of year as far as the Tool-thing goes. Band is in the studio doing what they do... APC reportedly has a new album coming out by November & some other stuff including a remix album + DVD. As it is, that's ok - seems that lots of us have more pressing things to contend with rather than Tool & their live recordings. However, I still end up listening to at least 5 or so complete shows per wek even if it is at work, which is actually quite comforting "& something I enjoy quite a bit. Currently, my favorites are: . For those that may want sort of a recommendation to check out/listen to via their collections, why not? That would be this for now - more later.

July 7, 2004
Still down for trading on a limited basis. Am after DAT clones as a focus now. As for trading, thing is, it seems that we are seeing another surge in downloading (DL) in relation to Tool. Personally, that is not my thing. Anyone can DL anything if they have a decent Net connection. I understand where some collectors stand on DL as it is easier for trades at times & formats like SHN or FLAC report to have no loss. Thing is, it seems to me to be a hell of a lot less personal and increases the potential for mislabeled shows. More importantly, what about recordings where someone other than the taper puts the show for DL? What? Maybe some tapers are fine with it but, come on, you must admit that shows some amount of lack-of-respect for many tapers. If a taper wants to put his or her stuff up, great. if not, then why do people still do it? I suppose that an argument could be made - what about people just trading CDR copies? The difference is, I think, all about access. I am all down for people sharing & enjoying the music but, I do mean but, there are a lot of traders out there who are pretty much leeches who only complain, do not add any new sources, are quite high-and-mighty in attitude & have this perspective or sense of "entitlement" to recordings that have taken some people over 8 years to attain <ahem>. Especially people who have, no offense, not been collecting for a long time - just such a lack of respect, it sucks. There are some great new people though, that is for sure. To be honest though, there was an influx of traders from the Lateralus-era which actually helped Tool's popularity - for that I am quite grateful. But there are just these certain people that just want to take, take, take, take, take, take. Ah well - such is life. I am not pointing anyone out at all, it just seems that people are quite into stealth-tactics about Tool trading. I don't get it. And, I suppose I don't really care too. I realize that 90% of anyone that would actually read this diatribe would think "what the fuck is this dude talking about" which is fine. Suppose I simply wanted to air my frustration with the whole thing. Still, after these years I still really enjoy it & there are some of the best that I've met over the years, in no order: juxtaposition@"".com-Per-CatalystX-JeffToldyaCA-Snew-xxkornxx-Duncan-Distortion-Tyler-Armen-Bazille-Tapeworm-ryananderson-Muzik-JL-TravisS-DP-PFlorin-TDolister...

The masters section is updated as well - for those that care that is.

In the process of moving into our house. Very nice.

You may notice now that each & every source has either "CD, 2CD, DAT, DVD, VHS, VCD" next to it. Before, the 1CD was implied and then I realized that was confusing a lot of people. So, this should clear that slight issue up & also make it a little bit easier, I hope.

After an exceedingly long time, an update to the trading pool...90? Some of these have actually been out for a while and a lot of these updates/shows have simply been done for months. yes I do mean months. But hell if I'm going to do an update, may as well do a very substantial one - at least this time! I do hope that this will remain helpful for both fans & collectors. As a general note, each show that is listed that has another source has also been updated with information = only the new additions are listed. In other words,  for each show you see, there are at least 3 that have been modified or altered on the site. I only hope that this information and my work will assist others:

A total of 90 new Additions:
06.11.93 = CM-30>WM-D6 = ANA-M>1G DAT
07.16.93 = PC62>D3
08.15.93 = SBD>DAT
08.15.93 = SBD>DAT (pro remaster)
09.09.93 = CM-30>DTR80P = ANA-M>1G DAT
09.10.93 = CM-30>DTR80P = 2G DAT
09.21.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
09.25.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
09.28.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
09.29.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
09.30.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
10.01.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
10.05.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
10.06.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
10.07.93 = CM-30>D7 = ANA-M>1G DAT
10.08.93 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
10.09.93 = CM-30>D7 = ANA-M>1G DAT
03.02.94 = SBD>FM = Source A + Source B
03.11.94 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
03.18.94 = CM-30>D7 = 2G DAT
03.20.94 = CM-30>D6 = ANA-M>1G DAT
04.23.94 = SSDSM6S>D7 = 4G DAT
11.14.94 = SSDSM6S>TCD-D3 = 2G DAT
11.14.94 = ECM909>WM-D3
03.03.95 = DVD
12.31.95 = DVD - 2 cam mix
12.19.96 = SSDSM6>D7 = 4G DAT (+ CD transfer)
02.14.97 = EM8>D8 = 2G DAT (+ CD rip)
02.27.97 = DVD (Master)
03.30.97 = CSB>D8 = DAT
04.11.97 = CSB>D8 = DAT
06.25.97 = CSC>D8 = DAT
03.28.98 = DVD
03.29.98 = CSB>D7 = 2G DAT (+ CD transfer)
07.05.98 = CSB>D3
10.10.99 = CSB>M1 = 1G DAT
05.15.01 = SPSC>D8
05.20.01 = DVD
05.24.01 = ECM717>D7 (verified)
06.05.01 = ECM959>D8 = 1G DAT
06.09.01 =CSB>50MD
06.14.01 = EM8>D8
06.28.01 = DVD
07.01.01 = CSB>D100
08.03.01 = MBHO>M1
08.06.01 = Sanken>M1
08.07.01 = Sanken>M1
08.10.01 = Schoeps>D8
08.10.01 = KM>D8
08.13.01 = SPSC>D8
08.14.01 = SPSC>D8
09.06.01 = CSC>D8
09.07.01 = SSDSM6>D8
09.07.01 = Shure>D8
09.08.01 = CSB>M1 = 2G DAT
09.09.01 = CSB>M1 = 2G DAT
09.13.01 = CSB>M1 = 2G DAT
09.16.01 = MarcSounds>R700
09.19.01 = SPSC>R90
09.21.01 = ECM909>M1
09.22.01 = DVD
09.27.01 = CSB>D8
09.28.01 = CSB>M1 = 2G DAT
10.04.01 = HEB>M1 = 1G DAT
10.04.01 = CSC>MT77 (verified)
10.04.01 = DVD
10.13.01 = CSB>M1 = 1G DAT
10.13.01 = CSB>M1 = 1G DAT
10.15.01 = Schoeps MK4>M1
04.10.02 = DSM6>D7
04.11.02 = DSM6>D7
05.10.02 = ECM959>D8 = 1G DAT
07.15.02 = SPB>MT770
07.23.02 = DVD
07.26.02 = CSB>MT77
08.07.02 = CSC>M1 = 1G DAT
08.09.02 = CSC>M1 = 1G DAT
08.16.02 = DVD
08.18.02 = DPA>MT77 (unconfirmed)
08.21.02 = CSB>D100
08.23.02 = DVD
08.24.02 = DVD (Master)
08.24.02 = CSB>M1oade+CSB>D100 (Matrix)
09.04.02 = DVD - 2 cam mix
10.10.02 = MBHO>M1 = 2G DAT
10.19.02 = SPSC>D8
10.31.02 = DVD
11.02.02 = CSC>M1 = 1G DAT
11.03.02 = CSC>M1 = 1G DAT
11.05.02 = CSC>M1 = 1G DAT
11.05.02 = Panasonic>D8

May 09, 2004

Graduated with my Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling on the 7th. All done. Shit, the real world after 2 bachelor degrees & one masters? Perhaps signing up for a doctorate degree in something would be smart? Nah...
Bunch of new stuff. Slowly updating. Shouldn't be too long. If you have something I may want, please continue to contact.

April 21, 2004
Like everyone, quite busy - especially now. Everything is fine. Please review the

March 26, 2004
Rather busy. Feel free to click here to view

March 19, 2004
Bought a new 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, V8, AWD, 4 AT. Also, got a job for post masters ;o)

Haven't had the inclination or time to really do anything but small trades with friends. Sorry. No real updates except for new shows taped in the masters section. For those that may care.


Feb. 22, 2004
First, the following rant has nothing to do with a specific trader or traders but is something that I have observed over the course of trading over years... Allow me to ask a question.... why do people collect live music from bands such as Tool? The answer, to listen to the music bit getting whatever you can. We have all the albums, we have all the t-shirts (well, I don't) & support the band in manners to which we can or are able. So, in that sense, we are all United under an umbrella of mutual appreciation for the same musical act. In a way, we are all friends. Now, what I cannot understand is why there is so much hypocrisy about 'no trade, no list' Tool recordings? For those that may not totally understand what I mean, I am in reference to recordings that for some reason or another were traded out & asked not to be traded again - that is a no trade (for example). Now, if anyone has been in the trading scene (does that exist?) for a while with this band, you will find that people/collectors are pretty damn weird at times about random shit. Some are, some aren't. The fact of the matter is, people are collectors of Tool & will take a 'no trade' show just for the enjoyment of it even though they may actually not like having a not for trade cd. Now, there are numerous reasons why stuff is specifically for no trades; sometimes a good reason, sometimes not. For many tapers, they want a 'no trade' on their masters so they can get something in return for them from other collectors rather than sending a show to 3-4 people & try to get a trade for it a few months later when anyone who has anything of interest will already have the masters. That makes sense to me, no trade. There are others where the recording is considered to be too valuable or whatever, like a SBD, so that is a no-trade, no list. In other words, it is all about the strings attached to stuff, you do not want to anger your friends, do you? To the point, from experience with several people who have spoken their mind regarding their "dislike for no list, no trade", I have found that they each have items of a no list, no trade nature. At the same time, they attempt to create incendiary situations for others. Thus, I would really enjoy seeing everything from these people's lists out into open trading instead of attempting to display your disdain for the same acts which you participate in. Now, in an ideal trading scene or world, there would not be any of these stupid rules associated with a simple hobby - trading. I honestly wish that there were not any of these damn conditions. There are a number of items I for one would very much like to trade out but cannot due to strings. Maybe one day those strings will either disintegrate or be cut.

B) Added new vinyl scans + info for:
AEnima - picture disc
Prison Sex - single
APC - mer de noms - picture disc

C) Show updates:
05.02.92 - DVD
08.01.92 - DVD, cd - complete
10.05.93 - upgrade CD
10.06.93 - upgrade CD
10.07.93 - upgrade CD
10.09.93 - upgrade CD
02.07.94 - DVD, cd
08.09.98 - cd
05.17.02 - cd
06.06.02 - cd
07.21.02 - matrix
08.10.02 - csc>m1

Feb. 15, 2004
XXXXthererXXXXXwasXXXsomeXXXXinfoXXXXX -blah, blah, balh- XXXXXaboutXXXXaXXXreallyXXXgreatXXX XXsbdXXXXXXbutXXXXIXXXgotXXXXtoXXXmanyXXXXXXweirdXXXXQ'sXXXXaboutXitXXXXsoXXXXf-it.
More updates soon... have new shows to add, little time to do so.
There is reported progress being made on the new Tool album. No news on the DVD.


Jan 19, 2004
Well, after an exhausting bit of research in order to hopefully pull out some new Tool sources/recordings/shows, there seems to be a few gems mixed with much shite. The reason I did this research is for 2 reasons: A) to come up with new material & B) to find out what "bootleg" Tool shows are being sold or are the most common to sellers. Utilizing U.S. record/collecting magazines/journals such as the 'Goldmine' in order to compile a list of possible sellers/collectors who seem to be -currently- publicly active, in some fashion, the list is exceedingly small. I've emailed & looked over 400 sellers, retailers, collectors, traders, etc not from the Tool community with a simple message not identifying who I am over the course of the past few months, in my limited spare time. But, this was a task I've been curious about for a while. For those that are interested, I used an entire year of the Goldmine, a few random LP/vinyl journals, countless websites & other illicit sellers of live material. Here are the highlights of my subjective findings:

Not sure why I did all of this, to be honest. Maybe it was just curiosity, but the heart of it was to un-earth some stuff that hadn't found the light of day. Thing is, I didn't find much. People who sell stuff like this just do not have anything a collector worth 2 cents wouldn't already have. What I find most surprising is that shows that are SHN or even MP3 (from Napster days) seem to not have shown up on bootleg sellers lists. In a way, that is good news. The only thing that I find odd is the Coachella festival show, that has the possibility of being a product of the digital generation but I have no way to know. I didn't buy it...

Finding 1:
Contrary to popular belief, the amount of people who have live Tool material for "bootleg" selling are very, very small. The most common bootleg recordings sold or offered for sale are as follows. Please note that out of the 1,400 people I contacted, only a very small percent, 5%, had any Tool items & the items that they do have are very limited & all seem to have the same shows! The following are not in order but are the most prominent...
  A = Dirge/Vagina Whistles/Cullen Auditorium --- mislabeled as 12.12.96 
  B = Demented -- 05.02.92 (audio only)
  C = Coachella 99
  D = Bottom Feeder - 07.14.98 (I found this surprising!)
  E = 013 Club - 05.24.01 (unknown which source)
  F = Sleep Forever/Tales from the Dark side/Opium Den --- various 93 bootlegs incl Tool's Power
  G = <only a handful of other various shows>
Note, this finding does not count eBay.

Finding 2:
The most bootlegged/sold bands are:
  A = Beatles (incl solo careers)
  B = Rolling Stones
  C = Led Zeppelin
  C = Van Morrison (huh?)
  D = Doors

Jan. 11, 2004
A belated Happy 2004 - here's to at least 20 more 'High' alerts for US citizens. Sarah & I are having a nice time relaxing & spending time. Start my new job tomorrow, sweet!
There are quite a few things that I have thoughts about regarding trading & traders in general but am only going to mention that I wish more people were like the few people I've been dealing with. Thanks. At any rate, APC is coming around again soon & there are rumors of a new Tool album before too long, hard to have a problem with that.
New Recordings to surface:
08.15.93 - VHS
09.09.93 - update
06.27.94 - unknown
07.21.94 - DVD
11.14.96 - VHS
11.21.96 - complete
03.26.98 to 03.29.98 (all) - update
08.29.98 - VHS
08.29.98 - ecm>d7 (inc)
10.10.99 - csb>m1 (source b)
06.12.01 - csb>r700
07.29.01 - update
08.15.01 - dpa>m1
09.08.01 - VHS
09.13.01 - (source c)
09.24.01 - DVD + CD
09.28.01 - AT853>?
09.29.01 - analog>?
10.04.01 - ecm908>r700
10.04.01 - heb>m1
10.19.01 - DVD
10.31.01 - heb>m1
11.07.01 - ssdms>m1
08.07.02 - spsc>m1
08.21.02 - VHS + CD
10.25.02 - VHS

Dec. 15, 2003
Probably the last update of the year & a short one at that. Happy Holidays to all.
If anyone would like to hear 3 MP3's of A Perfect Circle's performance at Grand Rapids, MI @ The DeltaPlex,
click here & follow the tour journal to 12.09.03. I recorded the show CSB>M1 (Ode) Front of Stack - Right, came out nicely. Thanks to Skwerl at apc.net for hosting mine & numerous other taper's MP3's.
Nov. 25, 2003
After a very long time, an update.
Realize that not all that much has been around here with lack of updates & whatnot. Life, wife and career have a tendency to over-ride anything online I could possibly do as a hobby. But, over the course of a few months, I have actually been putting some thought into the website as a whole. Although there are numerous additions to this site, some seen & some behind-the-scenes (listed below), a main addition involves the listing of all known Tool shows known to have been performed along with the known recordings in circulation. The recordings in circulation are in the same color + format as before. The gigs that apparently have no known  recordings are in dark red. The combination of the recordings in circulation with the listing of all known Tool gigs is the next logical step for this site.
I truly do hope that other collectors & Tool fans will find this addition  helpful. I've been doing a great deal of research here in Michigan & the surrounding areas; making contact with local venues & whatnot -- came up with a couple dates that Tool played in 1992 as well as a with a plethora of other bands here in MI & OH. Also, found an individual who claims to have been working as a bartender for a couple different bars in 1991 who saw Tool as he worked and, apparently, taped one of them. Time will tell on this subject. But, my point is, the information is out there - you just have to look for it.

The site additions are as follows:
*New pick on home & index
*New home page options
*New Additions: Vinyl Scans (Tool + APC), Maynard Quotes (Maynardisms) & disclaimer
*Buttons for the main links
*Updates: FAQ, Informal, vide, vary, rules, trade, master x, 'claim, point
*New shows, fixed random show info & design... approx 60 - 70
*Wedding pictures (our site)
*Behind the scenes: Updates on loads of shows, random pages & whatever other info was needing to be fixed

The recordings
Demo     - update
05.03.92 - Source 2 (Vid > CDR)
04.19.93 - update
05.27.93 - update - 1 Gen
05.27.93 - update - 1 Gen
06.11.93 - update
06.23.93 - update - 1 Gen
07.18.93 - Schoeps > SV25
04.11.94 - update
11.07.96 - update - 1 Gen
11.23.93 - CSB > D7 Oade
12.17.96 - update - 1 Gen
02.27.97 - CSB > D8 Oade
08.15.97 - update - 1 Gen
07.14.98 - CSB > D8 Oade
05.15.01 - DSM6 > M1
05.17.01 - update
06.09.01 - Panasonic > MD
06.09.01 - CSB > MZ-R50
06.23.01 - CSB > MZ-R50
06.24.01 - update
07.29.01 - Japan - unknown
08.03.01 - VCD
08.03.01 - AKG > M1
10.01.01 - DSM6 > D6
10.12.01 - update/clean
11.01.01 - DPA>M1
11.05.01 - ?
05.17.02 - ECM > D8
07.21.02 - SBD>FM>ALD>DAT
08.21.02 - DSM6 > M1
10.13.02 - CSC >MZ-R700
10.18.02 - added picture
10.20.02 - added picture
10.23.02 - added picture
10.24.02 - HPC > Sharp
11.22.02 - DPA > M1


Nov. 15, 2003
Believe it or not, I've been working on this site as much as I can over the past few months. There are some new sections that are done as well as quite a bit or new shows, sources & other stuff. One small update is that on all the main pages, there are buttons like the 'updates' above. After this semester ends, my current job finsihes I will have some nice time off from responsibility until early Jan. It's cold here in MI. Other than spending time with my wife, updating this site is the only thing I have planned. Sweet, eh? Should be within 2 weeks.

Upgraded my recording equipment. My new format is
DAT --- Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Bros Mod II)  with either Core Sound Binaural or Soundman OKMIIR. Good stuff.

Oct. 12, 2003
Took out the overwhelming majority of 'no-trade' - clauses. So, if there was something that was once 'no trade', chances are it is for trade now. Exclusions are the shows that were specifically requested that I not trade by the taper or collector. For those that want to know, the only shows that are still 'no trade' are: Detroit '94 & DP's 09.30.02 & 10.15.02. All other shows that are not generally available have the taper's contact email or web-page.


Oct. 10, 2003
Believe it or not, a huge -massive- update is on it's way. Give me time though.

Sept. 19, 2003
All has been good.
New APC album is a very interesting comment upon boundaries and values and self examination,
More Tool stuff but no time to list now. Soon, I hope.

August 26, 2003
Not too much new. Have a second so simply making a note here. Univ starts again for Sarah & I.
Got a puppy last week; half German Shepherd & half Terrier. Will be a good dog. Our cat adjusts.
There is a terribly lame virus that sends out large .if files & self replicates itself if you DL it. Don't open it. Delete.
APC has been doing some cool things out on Lollapalooza. Shame it is all over. Look for the Fall tour.
Saw Radiohead last Thursday, definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Check them out.

August 17, 2003
A) Been a while since I've done anything to this page. No time online, barely any for trading. Such is life.
B) A few new Tool shows, different sources & stuff like that. Will add once I have time.
C) Pretty much my master section is all I've been working on and keeping updated. Think this site is now how I want
      it to be, the Tool part I mean. Put in a lot of work & whatnot, time to relax & enjoy being married as I have been.
D) Will be posting some pictures from the wedding & cruise & whatnot once we get a chance. So, if you are real creepy
      perhaps you will look. Also, thank you to all that emailed me wishing congratulations & whatnot - very cool. Sarah
     & I do appreciate it. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. Nothing went wrong at all. Best.
E) Have plans to add another section to this site - vinyl. Basically, I collect Tool vinyl & it's come to my attention that
      not everyone has seen all the different versions of vinyl that has been issued over the years. So, I shall scan & give
      relevant information on each release in a rather detailed manner. A lot like the live CD listings. So, look for that 
      sometime. But like everything, it shall take some time.
F) Taped A Perfect Circle on 08/09/03. Great set. Maynard is a little drama queen or something. No smoking is one
     thing but security which prevented at least half the people from seeing the opening act is another entity all together -
     bullshit. St. Andrews -never- searches nor has security but for APC they certainly did. Saw a guy with the band
     tackle some kid who was trying to sneak in a recording device. Seriously, tackled him outside the venue. Completely
     out of control & quite unnecessary.  Added my review + setlist & other info in masters section.
G) And for those that contact me for trades; I am very slow these days. Be patient. And, I am only looking for
    Soundboards,  vinyl copies of albums & master recordings - and, any Tool show I do not have. Not interested in
     anything else.


July 19, 2003
A) Wedding is here. Today. Excited beyond belief; most important day I will have. Am blessed by an Angel.
B) Been working on my master section. About 90% of all shows have been reviewed & whatnot. Look if you want.
C) Will not be online for a few weeks. Take care. It's late, I need to sleep, big day tomorrow.
D) Big thanks to all who have wished Sarah & I well...

June 29, 2003
A) Wedding is close now. 20 days...Going to Lollapalooza on July 5 in Indiana with my best men for my bachelor party.
B) Been working on wedding stuff, work & school. Making my way through my masters.
C) Have some excellent stuff. Most is rare, not listing it. But, here is some other 'new' stuff

10.16.02 DVD


June 15, 2003
A) 5 weeks from today, I will be the happiest fell on Earth.
B) Hope you are having a good time right now.
C) Some updates, new stuff + fix-ups:

08.07.93 - Opium Den
03.26.98 - ver C
05.18.01 - update M
06.05.01 - ver D
06.07.01 - ver B
09.08.01 - update M
09.13.01 - update M
09.16.01 - update M
05.01.02 - ver B
05.10.02 - update M
08.26.02 - update M
08.30.02 - update M
10.18.02 - update M
10.20.03 - update M

May 25, 2003
A) Memorial Day weekend. Time off of work & relaxation with your better half. Nothing better. Thank you, troops.
B) Added more master recordings. My best men are taking me to the first 2 gigs of Lollapalooza for taping fun. Sweet.
C) Added all video sources with the CD lists. Now, both video & audio are in one place. Vid section  updated as well.
D) There is a bunch of stuff I have been updating sporadically, everything is now up. Too many corrections to list.
E) Been taking some time to catch up on reviewing Tool shows. Adding more, some old ones also return. New:

08.06.93 & 08.29.93 - Tales From The Darkside
08.06.93 & 08.29.93 - Sleep Forever
08.06.93 - Westwood One
CAD (demo tape - update)
Zaum (demo tape - update)
TexANS (new rip/time - update)
05.12.94 (update)
11.29.96 DVD
08.03.97 (remasterr - update)
07.22.98 DVD (upgrade)
08.09.98 DVD + CD
08.21.98 (non-MP3 - update)
10.10.99 (1G - update)
08.06.01 MDR-Q33 1G
08.07.01 MDR-Q33 1G
10.27.01 MDR-Q33 1G
11.08.01 Sanken 1G
07.12.02 Schoeps (remaster - update)
07.27.02 MDR-Q33 1G
09.02.02 MD
10.11.02 DP
10.13.02 DP
10.26.02 DVD
11.22.02 CSC


May 4, 2003
A) No matter what, it is important to respect others when trading or in real life. Too bad  more people do not.
B) New stuff, not reviewed nor is there more info available at this time:
    08.06.93 + 08.29.93 + Demos <Sleep Forever> (upgrade from silver disc bootleg)
    08.06.93 - Westwood One <Radio Broadcast>
    05.12.94 (upgrade)
    08.03.97 <remaster>
    11.29.96 DVD
    07.22.98 DVD
    08.09.98 DVD
    10.10.99 (upgrade) 1G
    05.18.01 Unknown (upgrade)
    08.06.01 (Ver. B) 1G
    08.07.01 (Ver. B) 1G
    10.27.01 (upgrade) 1G
    11.08.01 (Ver. C) 1G
    10.11.02 Analog
    10.13.02 Analog
    07.27.02 1G


April 19, 2003
A) Wow. Exactly 3 months until our, Sarah & myself, wedding day. Can't wait. Time has been very fast.
B) Have some new stuff but no time to really deal with it for now. Will be listed soon enough. This site is
     now, basically, a resource for traders & not a trading site.
C) I have completely stopped trading. Unless you have something rare or a master, chances are I will not really
     want anything & will not reply to email regarding that subject. Sorry. Again, if you do have something very
     rare, give me the information & perhaps we can work something out. Certain exceptions are made.
D) I am not really going anywhere but my time online has dwindled to next to nothing so I feel it is only fair to
     make this situation perfectly clear to anyone who is interested.
E) Now that I have pretty much stopped this all, I feel a need to get some shit off my mind regarding many traders
     in the community. I am bummed out by certain individual's) & the trading scene in general. These days, many
     more recent traders (Lateralus era) have been collecting the live recordings just to collect everything. I know
     numerous traders who do not even listen to half the stuff they get. This is fine, some of the better traders I've
     known do this - that is ok. But, other traders, shall I refer to them as -bulk- traders, do not have the same type of
     respect for the music as other people. I know lots of people are fans of SHN, for example, as it is a lossless format.
F) Now, me, 5 of my 2001 recordings were traded out to people back in the day & they ended up in SHN, MP3 &
     other formats...even TAO. There are -tons- of other taper's shows that have reached the same fate in various formats.  
     What I don't understand is why these bulk traders & all take other people's works & convert to other formats. If
     a taper wanted his or her works in that format, they would do that themselves. I do not feel it is anyone else's role
     to do such actions. Many people have asked me why I don't (now) trade out all of my masters & when I do trade
     out masters, why I do a 'no trade' on them. That should explain it all. Also, the various other shows I have which
     are 'no trade', did all of the taper's ask that of me? No. Some were more recent, new, tapers & I knew that the
     same fate of my 2001 shows would fall onto their recordings as well if I did not take proper action.
G) This is a short list of some of the best traders I have had the pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them.
     There are some people I am un-intentionally leaving off so, apologies to you. List is in no order.


April 8, 2003
A) Next few weeks, have one show every week to attend & tape. Should be fun.
B) Not much new to surface that is 'printable' except a few shows,  none for trade as I need to check them out first:
     08.02.97 Unknown
     09.02.02 MD
     10.26.02 DVD <single view>
     11.21.02 DAT


April 2, 2003

A) Apparently, on some browsers, my site looks like shit. The text is fucked up & everything is nasty looking.
     I am doing my best to try & rectify this situation. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. This is usually on
     older computers which use Win 95 + 98. Always use MSIE for this site...


March 29, 2003
A) If anyone claims to have  10.11.01 as CSB>DAT -- Check the disc times; they are actually MD!!!
B) Added setlist scans to a bunch of gigs, thanks Adam B.
C) Updated master-list.
D) Got some very nice trades of some stuff I'm not listing... the stuff to make your head spin.
E) New stuff w/reviews & all:
     02.11.97 (1st gen)
     05.24.01 (1st gen)
     10.10.01 (Source B)
     08.21.02 DVD
     09.04.02 DAT
     11.23.02 Source C


March 18, 2003
A) Massive update on all (but a couple of 2002 shows) of the source info + reviews of everything listed below. Look.
B) Things are quiet. Work, school, little trading & wedding stuff occupy my time. I am happy.


March 03, 2003
A) Taking a down-turn on Tool (spiral out). Been catching up on Yanni.
B) Sorry for lack of updates & for dragging ass in trades, I was sick for a while. 
C) More new stuff, not reviewed:
     10.16.96 DVD
     02.23.97 DVD
     08.18.98 DVD
     05.20.01 (Source B)
     07.01.01 (Source C)
     08.10.01 (CSB>M1)
     10.31.01 (Source B)
     07.27.02 (Upgrade)
     08.13.02 (Source E)
     10.25.02 DVD
     11.15.02 VHS
     11.16.02 DVD
     11.18.02 DVD
     11.19.02 DVD
     11.21.02 DVD
     11.22.02 CSB>M1
     11.22.02 DVD
     11.23.02 DVD

Feb. 24, 2003
A) Had a weird day at work. One of my clients told me he was "Christ, bleeding on the cross." I said "No, the only
     one who bleeds for you is you." Working with paranoid-schizophrenics adds an interesting element to one's day.
B) New stuff, not reviewed:
06.23.93 (AUD)
     11.03.01 (Source B)
     11.22.02 (Source C)
     11.22.02 (Source D) (INC)

Feb. 22, 2003
A) Some very nice stuff in. Too bad, these days, I don't even list some of the rarities as people bitch about me holding
     out as I won't trade them. Out of sight, out of mind then....
B) New Shit, -all- are 1st Gens + audio. These are listed in the directory but no review. Expecting much more soon:
     07.01.01 (Source B)
     08.06.01 (Source B)
     08.06.01 (VCD)
     10.07.01 (Source B)
     10.25.01 (Source C)
     11.08.01 (Source B)
     11.08.01 (VCD)
     10.18.02 (Source C)
     11.12.02 (Source A)
     11.12.02 (Source B)
     11.16.02 (Source C)

Feb. 13, 2003
Love is in the air. Valentine's Day. I of course forgot about making reservations so I need to devise a new plan for
    the night. Shit.

I finally have the site the way I want it to look now & I'm not trading openly. So, hopefully, this site will be a
    good, solid  resource for traders. I hope...that was my plan all along.

Started new job working w/mentally, emotionally & physically disabled adults as a job coach & recreation planner.
    A little depressing, in a way, but really rewarding on another level. Not a job I will do forever but is great for 
    experience. Once I get my masters, I shall be doing more real counseling. Anyway.

New stuff:
     Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty --- Dog House
     Tool - 06.16.01 + a bunch of stuff not listed

Jan. 25, 2003
A) Added 11.24.02 DVD + 08.23.98 (non-MP3 or VHS source)

Jan 21, 2003
A) Added descriptions of the shows listed below on 01.17.03

Jan 19, 2003
A) Removed listings of a few shows which were 'no trades'. Felt about telling people 'sorry',  better they are just unlisted.

Jan 17, 2003
A) Got some amazing 1st Gens from a professional-quality analog taper; info soon on all listed:
    09.30.02 - Anchorage, AK
    10.06.02 - Edmonton, Canada
    10.07.02 - Calgary, Canada
    10.08.02 - Billings, MT
    10.10.02 - Rapid City, SD
    10.15.02 - Sioux Falls, SD

B) Plus, these 1st Gens from Omar:
    11.22.02 - Fresno, CA
    11.23.02 - Reno, NV 
    11.24.02 - Long Beach

C) And:
    08.18.02 - Manchester, NH -  1st Gen ((non DVD or MP3))
    09.06.02 - Ames, IA
    09.07.02 - Moline, IL ((source 2))



Jan 13, 2003
A) Well, yesterday, 01.12.03, this site turned one year old. Wow, that was fast. Gone through a lot of change.
B) Starting now, all new shows will be listed by dates only so people can see what is new.
C) Damn. Well, 2 people got all the answers correct to the contest. So, I am splitting the discs to 3 each. Enjoy.


Jan. 06, 2003
A) Although I do apologize for closing down the site for the past month, I have been busy (very) with updating
     every single CD, VHS & DVD recording. Features now available on over 350 pages:
               Disc Times
               Back buttons to take the reader to the year of choice
               Updated + Corrected source info
               Updated + Corrected Multiple disc separation (between disc 1 + 2)
               Each page is centered, new year pictures, global -black- background

B) Answers for the contest are up. Go to Contests section, compare your answers then email me via following rules.

C) I do hope that many fans, tapers, traders & generally interested people will use this site not as a guide to -every-
    Tool show performed but as a resource of the recordings that are out there. Please, compare disc times & show
     reviews but do not blindly copy or plagiarize this site. I re-listened to everything I have to give the most accurate
    description's) I could possibly give. Please, enjoy.

There are about 60 new shows that are up throughout the years that did not have info before. They are too
     numerous to list here. Every description has more info or changed/corrected info so you may want to take a look.