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Side A & B:

Who cares?
<most likely sourced from CD>


Lateralus / "Rare DOUBLE Vinyl"

Album Notes:
Ok, I do not own this. I do not need to. It is a FAKE release. A poor, poor BOOTLEG that offers nothing but a (probable) CD > Vinyl transfer. This is moot as the actual release of Lateralus by Tool was mixed differently for the vinyl release. This just a sad & poor attempt at making a bootleg. This is a different version, obviously, from the blue version because it is "more complete" as it is a "double album". Blah.
Bootleg Selling Notes: All right, why don't we check out some informative, in-depth & wise words from one eBay seller in Italy - also, these almost exclusively originate from Europe:

Tool Ė Lateralus - LP


This is a mysterious print of Lateralus LP. This was played only one time by me. The tool logo and the title of the record are printed on a stiker applicated on the cover, maybe you could see in the photo. On the vinyl label there are the tool logo, the lateralus logo and the songs title. I donít have any other information about this record.