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Salival / "Rare Vinyl"

Album Notes:
Do I own this? Noooooooo... but if you do = sucker! Phrases + words that come to mind about this FAKE, unofficial, BOOTLEG, vinyl LP are silly, stupid, bad reproduction & foolish. Yes, to the people that buy this but more so to the people that sell this. Ugh. A bootleg CD > vinyl transfer? Yeah, sounds like a great thing to buy. I'll take two. This tends to surface on eBay & also seems to be available both in the land down under but also in Eastern Europe. Do not buy, it is garbage. Not Shirley Manson, by the way.
Album Notes from Blair @ toolband.com: D08 November, 2007 (11:37am)... E-MAIL ABOUT SALIVAL VINYL ON EBAY.... I've received over a dozen e-mails in the past few days about SALIVAL VINYL being sold on ebay. According to the people writing me, these are advertised as being as rare as hen's teeth (well, as being extremely rare), and can be very pricy (same with the DVD/CD 'box set' - those that aren't even signed by a band member!). For those wondering about the authenticity of the Salival VINYL, I'm fairly certain that these are ALL bootlegs offered for sale by unscrupulous types. As the French might say, this is a travestie. My advice would be to save your hard-earned money, and to keep in mind that I'm not adverse to using an acronym that's also an anagram (where applicable). But, more about this later. Also, some of those emailing about the questionable Salival vinyl are wanting to know about any possible analog release for 10,000 Days. To this, I'm sorry to say that I've no word yet, but will be sure to post if/when that day comes. BMB
Album Notes II: This is what a seller on eBay (from Australia) had to say in the description about this little gem:  

 Get this rare MINT LP.

 LP is still sealed!!!
Payment is required within 5 days of purchase
Australian Buyers - Direct Bank Deposit is Preferred

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