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Side A
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Side A:
Useful Idiot

Side B:
Forty Six & 2
(-) Ions

Limited Edition Picture Disc
Promotional Release

Ænima / 12" / Picture Disc Sampler
Label:   BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment
Produced by:
Tool / David Bottrill
Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA - 1995/1996

Album Notes: Released only to certain outlets during the release of Ænima & for promotional release only / not for sale, this picture disc is very rare. There are some copies without the inlays that seem to pop-up from time to time but the "complete" package is hard to come by. It took me a very long time to attain this - thanks to my friend FBZ. I really wish I knew more about this. A friend of mine works for a rather large distribution company in the US & according to the records they have (not on computers, hand-written) there were only 1,000 of these distributed to chain-stores, radio stations, Europe and independent record stores. Unfortunately, I cannot verify this information 100% but it seems realistic. This may be one of the rarest of the Tool picture discs released. The artwork itself is rather interesting. The tracks on the vinyl are not any different than the Ænima release but there is something to be said about watching the disc spin as the music pumps out of the speakers - however, since I just played this once, I would not recommend constant play because, really, this is simply a collector's item.