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Prison Sex

Limited Edition Picture Disc
Promotional Release

Stinkfist /10" / Picture Disc
Label:   BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment
Stinkfist Produced by:
Tool / David Bottrill
Stinkfist Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA - 1995/1996
Opiate / Sober / Prison Sex Produced by: Sylvia Massey / Steve Hansgen / Tool
Opiate / Sober / Prison Sex Recorded at: Sound City, Van Nuys, CA, USA - 1992

Album Notes:
Released as a promotional item on 10" format - this is a promo for Tool's releases as a whole (Opiate / Undertow / Ænima). This picture disc was designed to be a promo-sampler for radio stations and record stores to cover the span of Tool's releases (up to 1996). Oddly, many stations and record stores do not have LP players but that is besides the point. This is simply just a cool collector's item for the Tool fan. I do not have information of the total number of these manufactured/release but I assume it is around 5,000 like the other picture discs. The artwork on the records are rather interesting; not exactly sure what they are drawings of or really what they mean but it is definitely worth a look. If this is something you are hoping to find, eBay seems to be the only outlet that seems to have this up even once in a while.