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Side A
Side B

Side A:
Cesaro Summability

Side B:
Third Eye

Limited Edition Picture Disc
Promotional Release

Cesaro Summability / 12" / Picture Disc
Label:   BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment
Produced by:
Tool / David Bottrill
Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA - 1995/1996

Album Notes: Released to promote the release of Ænima, this picture disc features my favorite artwok of the picture discs; Side B w/3rd Eye - really cool; not sure what the heck that is supposed to convey. My take is that the man coming up from the water is representative of the unconscious experiences of our psyche's, experimentation with reality and the notion that there is a lot underneath the surface (unconscious, subconscious, collective unconscious). But another question is - is the man coming out of the water or are we seeing the man "in" the water from below the level of orientation (water level)? May make sense since the light is coming from 'below'. There is a reason this artwork was used on Side B got Third Eye. Right? This release is rather rare - good luck finding a copy reasonably priced. Limited edition of 5000. If nothing else, this is a collector's item for the vinyl enthusiast.