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Inner A
Inner B
Sleeve A
Sleeve B
Sleeve C
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Side A
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Side C
Side D


Side A:
The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

Side B:

Side C:
Ticks & Leeches

Side D:

Faaip De Oiad

Commercial Release

Label:   Tool Dissectional / Volcano Entertainment
Produced by:
Tool / David Bottrill
Recorded at: Cello Studios / The Hook / Big Empty Space / The Lodge, North Hollywood, CA, USA - 2000/2001

Album Notes: Released four years after the official CD release of Lateralus, this vinyl features very ambitious packaging and artwork. Was this vinyl release worth waiting 4 years and pay at least $40 for? That would be in the eye of the beholder. Although I have two copies, one I am leaving un-opened, I would not recommend or really see the point in buying multiple copies of this. Yes, this is limited edition but there are reports of at least 50,000 produced for world-wide distribution. It is true that tons of these have already been gobbled up by rabid Tool fans but, realistically, this will never be actually rare. For those people that purchased multiple copies in hopes of cashing in -years from now- and sell virgin copies for hundreds of dollars; that just will not happen. While it is true that copies of Ænima may sell for a few hundred dollars at times & is very rare, you must consider the variables with that release: there is high demand now & low supply. With this vinyl, there is high supply & moderate demand (since the people that were going to get this - did). But for the original question, is this worth attaining for collectible and enjoyable reasons such as a different track-list order that may give the fan an opportunity to hear the studio album from a different angle - in a different light? You better believe it.