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Sleeve A
Sleeve B
Side A
Side B


Side A:
Part Of Me

Side B:
Cold & Ugly (live)
Jerk-Off (live)
The Gaping Lotus Experience
*bonus/hidden track*

Commercial Release

BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment / Volcano Entertainment
Produced by:
 Sylvia Massey / Steve Hansgen / Tool
Recorded at: Sound City, Van Nuys, CA, USA - 1992
Recorded live at: Hollywood CA, USA @ The Jello Loft - New years Eve, 1991/1992

Album Notes: With the powerful opening of Sweat to two excellent live recordings, giving an indication of their superb capabilities of live performance, to the hidden-track / surprise ending of the (unconfirmed) never-performed-live psychedelic-trip-of-a-song, The Gaping Lotus Experience, Tool slowly permeated it's way into the music-scene reminiscent of a spider crawling toward it's prey. Although in this case, the prey was our fragile and non-descript perceptions of reality. Beginning with this raw but polished album of unbridled energy combined with an ever-increasing emphasis of exploring the underbelly of social consciousness, Opiate may not be the drug of choice for many Tool fans who, hopefully, are able to understand the context of the album + the songs. Opiate in-particular may appear to be an angry song about position of authority / the elite who exploit others for profit or be about attacking Christianity or about, even, to be masochistic towards women. However, is that what the song is about fundamentally? I do not believe so - not at all. Like all Tool songs, the meanings & layers can be contextual. As long as you find a piece that relates on some level, that is what it is about, at least in theory. I may view a song like Opiate as a comment on the sociopathic nature of the exploitation of others for personal gain under the umbrella of American hyper-capitalism and you may view it as a comment on your own connection with God - or dog, depending. In essence though, this album lays a foundation of all other Tool projects to come. This marks the beginning of something for many people. Some folks may view this album as the first time they were able to "open their eyes", so to speak, in regards to their place in society or within their own group of friends or family. For others, this album may just be about the Hushed tones of those that are Cold & Ugly Jerk-Offs whom ingest your Opiates while hypocritically say you are a "Part of Me" as the stare, gaping, at the petals of a lotus. 
Album Notes: To listen to the hidden-track, you must put your needle pre-main groove on Side-B. This track is not listed on the LP. On CD, you must fast-forward after Opiate.