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Side A
Side B


Side A:
Prison Sex
(LP version)
(live: 07/21/1993 -  Burgettstown, PA, USA @ Lollpalooza)

Side B:

(live: 08/06/1993 -  Irwindale, CA, USA @ Lollpalooza)
Prison Sex
(edited version)

UK Commercial Release

Prison Sex / Grey Vinyl
BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment / Volcano Entertainment
Produced by:
 Sylvia Massey / Tool
Recorded at: Grandmaster Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA - 1992
Undertow Recorded: 07/21/1993 -  Burgettstown, PA, USA @ Lollpalooza
Opiate Recorded: 08/06/1993 -  Irwindale, CA, USA @ Lollpalooza

Album Notes: Released & manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom but reportedly was also available in France, Netherlands & Spain, the vinyl single-release of Prison Sex features the LP & edited version of the title & also two live cuts. The two live cuts are excellent SBD captures but make a note that the crowd noise was amplified and mastered into the mix post-performance. Strangely, there are three dates listed for the live performances but only two live performances on the vinyl; the "un-used" or "extra" date is 07/20/93 Charlestown, West Virginia. Either there is a hidden track on this vinyl (I looked) or this is a misprint that was not caught or something else entirely. I have no idea. It is of interest. The cover of this single is very disturbing; a young man cutting his wrists as a parental figure sits as a witness while a menacing man is behind (shadow?) the boy. The sparse use of colors and the drawings are actually a nice compliment to the song Prison Sex. However, the live recordings are of the utmost of interest to this Tool fan; very fine. Having been out of print, as of this point, 12 years, this is still not impossible to find at a reasonable price. However, there is a clear vinyl, content is exactly the same, and is much harder to find - good luck.