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Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Front of Stack - Left / Direct
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes: This show was the 2nd time they played Third Eye this tour & the 3rd time for Cold & Ugly. The morning after; it is now Oct. 19, 2002. This was the first time I stood this close to the stacks of speakers at a Tool show & was the 7th time of partaking in Tool's live experience. The other microphones I was using could not handle the frequencies & would have, definitely, brickwalled severely. As it is, CSBs are absolutely great mics; you get what you pay for. My only regret is not having these mics before. As for the show, it was really good. The best show I've seen since the State Theatre show back in 05.18.01. Actual energy, an altered setlist & excellent sound made this special -- also being in a new location. I was unable to see any of the visuals being so close but had a perfect view of (in order): Adam, Justin & Danny. MJK was partially obscured but who cares, anyway? Adam really is an excellent musician; focused. Thought about going to the right side of the speakers to get a view but there were loads of screaming people yelling 'Maynard' so there was no way I wanted to do that. Place I had was great anyway, other than a few moshers & screamers on only two occasions, I consider myself lucky --> got great sound and minimal scarring from the crowd. As for Meshuggah, they are way better than I remember them being last year.. Now I at least have an idea of why Tool asked them for openers. During the last 2 minutes of Lateralus, I fought my way back to the sound-booth. Talked to the sound-engineer & he handed me a setlist. Asked him a few questions; two of which I will relay here. The first is that Tool pick out the songs they want to play the day of the show. Second, I asked him why Brixton Academy in London got such an odd setlist the two nights of 2002, see here & here, & he said 'oh, I don't know about that mate, but we did end up spilling two pints on the board' (pointing to the sound-board). That type of talking as well as my friends & I chatting away are the 'post-show'.

Maynardism: "Kalamazoo? Sounds more like Grand Rapids. Kalamazoo...interesting."
Maynardism: "Thank you Meshuggah. Clive & Gustav for joining us on drums. Thank you very much for sharing this moment with us tonight. we realize that some of this information can be kind of overwhelming and we would like you to take care on your driving home & you don't masturbate yourself into oblivion, past out dead in your car. That would be a bad thing. We're hoping that you discovered something about yourself tonight. We're hoping that one some level you are inspired and/or healed - or just plain horny. We suggest you go home, curl up in front of a fire place, put on a copy of Caligula and have sex. Bring someone if you really want to make it interesting. Thank you for coming, thank you for having arrived. We'll see you on the other side."



























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Intro II - Tuva
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