Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Front of Stack - Left / Direct
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes: Tool was quite strong tonight. To be honest, I was a bit put off at the beginning when they played Sober...I thought that they would do the exact same setlist as East Lansing, a few nights earlier. But, no, Toledo got Third Eye...and it was good. Really good. The crowd was a standard Tool crowd complete with mullets & IQ's which could be legally covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Security was worse, though. When someone would come out of the crowd (surfing) they would direct them back into the crowd, thus, creating a vicious circle. Numerous times was I pushed & then told to get back...I just sit there, not causing a wave & still this is the shit which the docile have to put up with. Ah well. Really, not that bad but definitely irritating. BTW, myself & the other confirmed recording source of this show taped pretty much right next to each other at this show, both were FOS on the left. Nice guy. Due to where I was standing, I got pushed a bit by the crowd & security throwing people back into the crowd. There are a few times when the sound sort of shifts for a second, but not much longer. Slight, but you probably have to listen for it. Very clear sound. Hard to not get a real nice sounding recording from CSBs. I'm sure I'll manage somehow. During the last minute of Lateralus, I booked it back to the sound-booth to grab a copy of the set list as its always nice to grab one. If that's what you're into. Also, the picture below was taken from my car window as I was pulling up. Snagged a setlist from the sound-engineer, see scan below
Notes: This is not put to CD.

Maynardism: "You have one chance & one change only to show these non-Ohio people that your smart, that you're on the ball. Ready? Round on the end, high in the middle... what's that spell?"


























Time: 134

Intro I
- Robert Fripp
Intro II - Tuva
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Third Eye
(Dr. Timothy Leary speech; Bill Hicks sample)