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 Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Audio Lab Binaurals > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Dead Center Mezzanine Seating
Gen:           Master Recording
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Day After Show Review: Although it is always worth the expense & time to attend a Tool show, I couldn't & cannot help but feel just a little bit cheated by my experience last night. I fully understand that the band are a group of professionals who have (basically) two rotating setlists for this leg of the tour which correspond to the visual screens but, come on, this is my fifth show & the only songs I hadn't heard before live were H. & Triad. The problem is, I have listened to a relatively large amount of Tool's music throughout the years be it via hundreds of  live recordings and/or their studio albums since I was 15...1992 that is. I expect more from Tool because they are capable of producing some of the best & most powerful sounds when they play live in front of an audience. They are not, for the most part, doing that these days. Sure, some of the Australian/New Zealand shows & the first three US Tour 2002 had different setlists & true energy but I felt very little last night in Detroit. And from most of the US Tour 2002 shows I've heard thus far. In a way, I truly feel that Tool is cracking a little - exposing the yoke inside of the shell. A good example of this is when Maynard tried the 'Think For Yourself' speech on the crowd, which fell flat - dead flat. I think it sort of embarrassed Maynard that his speech failed like that. No one would follow his lead & it seemed he was a little surprised & a little irritated by it. I just smiled. After the show, I saw & talked with some people from my home town & watched other people as they acted like children, which was amusing. Well, so did my friends... so who can I bitch at?  must comment that fighting with a total stranger for absolutely no reason is a mindset I do not understand - I suppose that is the mentality of the abused - they repeat the cycle of violence that afflicted them throughout their life & do unto others .Nah... those boys have too much misplaced homosexual energy to think about walking away from a bad situation.
A Week Later Review: Not really positive or sure anymore that Tool is cracking. I -do- think they are getting lazy, bored, complacent & greedy though. Not sure which is better. They seriously should give the fans a bit more credit (or themselves) & challenge their art. On the positive end, I would go & pay to see them next time even if they played the exact same setlist. Wait, I did a few days later in Cleveland...
10 Month Later Review - June 14, 2003: Listening to this again, I remember that I cut out the Robert Fripp part of the intro as my buddy Ryan was walking around the venue looking for me, as I ran to get him to catch the show, our friend yelled 'Ryan, Ryan' almost directly into the microphones. Really, this is a good recording, not superb but decent - especially for the price, the microphones cost me $100. Good enough performance. I think my problem was that I was anticipating something like Flood, Jimmy + a drastically different setlist as of 2001. Oh well, the band still put on a good show, hard to complain. I remember also that, as I was walking towards the security metal detectors, my bag w/my taping equipment snapped. I had to go to the security station & ask them for some tape as I gave them some bogus reason. Taped up my stuff, returned the silver tape & walked into the venue...
Recording: I am quite happy with the way it came out. But, it could've been better had I used better mics.  Sound is clear but kind of muddy in a way, vocals are sharp & there are no brickwall. The recording reflects the way it sounded when it first came out of the speakers, I couldn't hope for much more than that other than to listen to this & a few other master recordings & realize that I truly need to purchase some Core Sound Binaurals. The sound is good, vocals are crisp but a common comment from people is that there is slight high-level distortion & also is a tad muddy - which, it is. Since I first traded it out, I remastered the recording & fixed any issues of distortion & bass overload into a better mix. But, there is no sense in me sending it out now as that would only confuse things as far as source info, etc., is concerned. Also, there are a few 'microphone-checks' as I managed to hit the microphones a couple times.

Maynardism: "Mike & John from Tomahawk. Thank you very much, Mike & John; Tomahawk. As a side-not, we'd like to point out that not only are these guys innovative musicians, speaking of Tomahawk, they're also entreasures. They have opened up their own line of feminine hygiene products called Tomahawks. You can find them at your local 7-11 store open 24/7. Thank you very much for sharing this moment with us. We hope that something you've experienced here tonight will help you leave inspired, healed & or very horny. We suggest that you, go home, curl up in front of a nice fire, write some poetry & have sex. And as a bonus, you should invite someone over to have sex with you. Thank you for coming & thank you for showing up. Good night."











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