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Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Audio Lab Binaurals > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Dead Center Mezzanine Seating
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes: This show was a bit of a road trip, about 220 or so miles from home, myself & a friend did a road trip to Cleveland, Oh from Ann Arbor, Mi + back. Perhaps it was the experience of running into other people on their way to see this show at some dingy Burger King in Ohio that made it all a little more enjoyable. Sometimes, a road-trip is just what you need for a good concert experience, sometimes not. It all pretty much depends on your state of mind as well as the performance you are going to see. Even in retrospect, this show seemed to be a little cooler - had a little more fun. We met some rather interesting & nice folks at the show, in the seats next to us that were very cool + discreet. Discretion was necessary as the damn security folks would bother you & have you throw a cigarette away - gotta love non-smoking venues. There is a little bit of banter/talking by the guy next to me before AEnima...he asks me if MJK (notice: not Tool) will play 'Third Eye' later in the set & I say 'not a chance, not this tour' to which he promptly replies 'I don't care, Maynard's in his hometown he needs to'. I don't think he understood what the hell Tool is trying to do this tour...it's totally cool if they play the same songs, in the same setlist pretty much the whole fucking tour. Wait a minute, I do not understand either what they were trying to prove or why they repeated the same songs, for the most part, night for night. Boredom? Or are they trying to give a message to those of us that actually give a shit? I mean, really, Tool is just a band that happens to be exceptionally good at what they do - but, they are still Americans & we, the fans, must keep in mind that they are doing what it is they do to promote art, free speech, whatever & also to make a living. Really, if someone is at a point where they can claim to be actually bothered with repeated setlists on this tour, they need to just chill out. I was wanting a little variety but, wtf, if Tool doesn't care then why should I? Just sit back & enjoy the show. One thing which really bothered me is some dude shouting: "Ronnie Dobbs, Ronnie Dobbs" almost right behind me. I finally turn around & say "shut up dude". He at least realized he was being quite stupid & chilled out
Notes: This has one of the best endings of Stinkfist ever. Maynard sings the refrain of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" as the music slowly fades out at the end of the song. I've not heard this version on other recordings nor shows, if you have - let me know.
Notes: Snagged a setlist. Oddly enough, it was not from this date but was from NYC, NY @ Radio City Music Hall 08.13.02. I got it from Nobby, the sound engineer...I have to kind of fight for it (verbally) with some other fans. Funny to hear it as well. To view the RCMH setlist, look at it on one of the 08.13.02 sources.
Note: This is not put to CD.

Maynardism: "Round on the outside, high in the middle. Apparently Cleveland is a sleep. Round on the outside, high in the middle. <OHIO> It says here on the schedule that we're in Cleveland but I'm not convinced. It sounds more like Toledo. Or worse, Canton. Talbridge, Randolph, Spanoke? Cleveland!"
















Time: 110

The Grudge
(-) Ions

(Suspicious Minds + White Lines)