Source A:
DAT --- Schoeps MK41 > N-Box > Sony PCM-M1
Transfer:  M1>deltadio2496>48k>cdwave>44.1>flac level6
Taper:      Twister
Gen:         1st from Master
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: In comparison with the overwhelming majority of US mini tour recordings, this fine recording does a hell of a nice job in capturing the precision, beauty & warts of the "warm-up" tour. The main issue with this recording alike others from this leg is the bass. The bass certainly bottoms out on the ultra low frequencies, it is unclear what the taper could've possibly done to prevent this. If you do a little EQ on your own system & lower the bass frequencies you are left with a very pleasant recording. This is definitely the best source for this performance to surface or known to exist. It goes to show you that even with Grade-A professional equipment sometimes the end result is very nice but due to the mixing board + type of venue the results can be mixed. The crowd is present; there are also a couple instances where there appears to be some channel-issue. One of the better performances of Stinkfist from this leg is found on this source. Lastly, I do not believe the taper would appreciate this being torrented.





CD 1
: 62:34

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

The Pot

Forty-Six & 2

"New album came out last week. Thanks to ya'll, I think it's #1 on the Billboard. The best way to keep it there, would be for you all to go out and buy another one every week for the next year.  It's just the safest way to do it, I can think of no other way, thank you for your help. New album means new songs."

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

CD 2
: 38:59


"Thank y'all for coming out... we don't mean to cut it too short, but, we gotta get Danny Carey back to his retirement home. His wheelchair is waiting on the side of the stage, his oxygen tank is out of oxygen, it's a fucking disaster... did I happen to mention.....Danny Carey's birthday?"


"Bitch, bitch, bitch..."