Source A:
  DAT ---- Danish Pro Audio 4060 > Bass Roll-Off > Sony TCD-D8 / 32 kHz
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Location:  Front of Stack - Right

Taper:  Bazille (FBZ)
Gen:  DAT-0 > DAT-1 from Master
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Notes - by: Taper: Paris .... Very stressful at the entrance ! My friend Jon who taped Grenoble on d100 + DPA 4060 has been captured by security before entrance & had to let his DAT outside :-// Came my way to enter, I was just behind Jon .... The guy saw that I had something in my pants ... I said a recorder .... & asked to me to go with another guy to let it outside .... So, I did all for all ....  I followed the second guy but he did not know what I was hidden exactly ... so I gave them my portable phone from my bag .... Doubt of the guy who did not understand .... I said I did not too ..... I did the silly boy you see .... And the guy who found my recorder was to busy with others people to see that .... So after a big pressure & adrenaline, they let me go inside & my DAT was still in my pants !!! Crazy thing & so happy to be able to tape !!!  Jon had still his mics, (security did not find it), so I taped with TCD-D8 + DPA 4060 .... Bass roll off, Jon told me to record like that. Taping is pretty good but not enough loud for me, I mean because of the bass roll off .... I like loud sound but the result is pretty good :-) Great version of Opiate, lucky we were !!! By the way I preferred Grenoble show & the taping as well. But classic set list ... MJK said see you in November ....
Notes - by: Galen:
Extremely clear, balanced, clean & in-your-face Front of Stack recording. This is one of those recordings that you put on because you want to hear a solid-clear performance. In fact, this is the type of recording I, for one, prefer: low crowd, clean sound & may very well prove to be in the race for the best recording of the this leg of the tour. Moreover, it is rather difficult to find a technical flaw with this recording. Levels are stable, no obtrusive crowd-members & man is this a bright recording. Dare I say this is a beautiful recording? Yeah, why not? It is. Although the taper finds this to not be exactly what he was expecting, I suspect that this will in fact be much, much more than you were expecting.  Definitely a must-have for any collector + fan. As a final note; I do not have this on CD but on DAT. If you wish to trade for this recording please contact my friend Franck via the information above; he is a great trader, taper & all around nice guy.
Personality Note: MJK seemed to be a little *different* this night; rather mouthy. A couple quick highlights are in regards to the selected quote &, of course, the MP3 sample from Stinkfist of the "alternate lyrics in Stinkfist" followed by an insane scream.... If I can make one comment on the chosen MJK quote... time to spit-fuck the old lady? That may take the cake for being one of the most graphic things I've heard MJK say at a show. I had to listen to that four times until I stopped laughing.






Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

"Yeah yup time to spit-fuck the old lady."

Bridge: "slip my penis fuck it all suck my penis fuck it all sucking in deeper pristine / naughty no way /  nowhere
Spoken: "can't do
if you smoke" > Scream

Forty-Six & 2

"I have a question for you. Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like us to come back? Do you like the sound of my pretty voice? Can you put your fucking cigarettes out so I can keep it, come back and sing for you pleeeease? Two hours is all we ask; two hours out of every fucking 5 years put your fucking cigarettes out so I can keep my voice? Pleeease, pleeeease ....Fuck head. We have some special stuff comin out tonight some extra songs possibly. if my voice holds up hint hint...Cocksucker."


Right In Two

We have a special guest tonight we're gonna bring out. It's not like you guys deserve it... His name is Haithem come on out Haithem... drumroll... Every one say hello to Haithem. The one person in this town that's shorter then I am."


"You okay Dan, you need a break? What are you like 55 now? I'm super rich I bet all my money on France sorry Spain... I just bought Barcelona. That was a really bad joke that's why we don't translate it for you."

Intermission/Vicarious intro

"See you in November"