Source C:
Video --- Sony CCD-TRV940 w/Sound Professional mics
Taper: Rawson
Gen: 2nd from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: So since when do video tapers put their names up on the screen like a producer in a movie? If you ask me, itís about time. Filming is insane; coming from my perspective but man those that can do it & do it well (like Rawson) are few & far between. This video taper has been capturing Tool since 1997 & almost all of his work is wonderful, this is no exception. Clean, clear & captured with a calm, steady hand this is one of those videos that you could watch over & over. Well, if you wanted to see this rather bland performance over & over again. There is a layer of crowd noise of course since this was filmed from what appears to be center-right-seating on a bowl but itís not any worse than many of the audience recordings floating around these days. All in all, definitely recommended as it is a pleasant capture from this lackluster-performance. Oh, why am I giving this performance such a hard time? Hard to say, maybe the fact that this is pretty much like XIV other shows has something to do with it?

Maynardism: "I have a confession to make. You guys know the borgota? The resturaunt has the best pasta. I just had a bowl full of it. Now I feel pregnant. Like Elvis Pregnant. Im really tired. You know what the only thing keeping me up is...Jersey."

Time: 1:57:14

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